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[RECIPE 3] The Tenderizer

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#1 Eklar



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Posted 06 July 2010 - 02:20 AM

*A note, this item was posted years ago, if you would like to read the previous threads, visit my signature.

Item Name: The Tenderizer
IPB Image

Mithril Hammer (1600)
IPB Image
Ogre Axe (1000)
IPB Image
Recipe (500)
IPB Image
Total Cost: 3100

Description: Softens up your enemies' muscles.

+10 Strength
+24 Damage
20% chance to Tenderize(melee only)

Tenderize: Makes flesh soft and unresponsive. -15 to enemy damage and -10% to enemy attack speed for 4 seconds. May accumulate at -7 and -5% 6 times to a cap of -50 damage and -35% attack speed. Orb affect on activation, like Sange.

IPB Image



I've seen items that reduce speeds and armor but what about attack damage? Should be fun to see an enemies attack damage drop! Fast attack speed is required to make the most of the 4 seconds of Tenderizing and accumulate the negative affects.

A point made is that having the number as a percentage would be better than a static number, and I think it isn't. Most heroes have about 100-120 damage at Level 25. So having it at a percentage would make very little difference. Another reason it is better as a number is because early and mid game, your attack speed isn't going to be extremely high and you probably wont get the stacking. So would you rather have -15% of 60 damage or -15 damage?

Heroes it would be good against
Low damage, high speed heroes. Consider using against Razor or Clinks, Not only would it make thier low damage lower, but would reduce the effectiveness of their speed boosting skills.

Heroes it would be good on
Faster hitting melee heroes, both low and high hp, such as Pandaren Battlemaster, Bristleback, Stealth Assassin, or Phantom assassin. On higher hp heroes, the +24 damage and chance to tenderize, will speed up kills while minimizing damage. On the lower hp heroes, their attack speed will allow Tenderize to accumulate, minimizing damage taken in a battle.

Other items of like worth to compare

Cranium Basher (3100): Grants 7 less strength but the extremely useful bash, dealing damage and stunning. Tenderize grants 4 seconds of reduced damage and attack speed, Bash only grants 1.1 seconds of immobilization. Both are great disables with high attack speed.

Diffusal Blade(3300): Against those who rely on spells often it would be much more useful. Against those who rely on attacks the Tenderizer wins.

Maelstrom(3000): Against slower hitting high hp heroes the chain lighting won't be so useful as a slow and damage reduction. Against lower hp heroes, the chain lighting would be much more affective.

Regarding Specific Heroes

Regarding ANY 1v1 situation (Sven, Naix, Ursa) would you prefer to be Tenderized, or Bashed? Both cost the same.

Edit 7/8/05: Made orb affect on activation, buffed damage reduction from -10 to -15, -5 to -7
7/30/05: Added why it would be better as a static number instead of a percentage.
7/31/05: Added Hero uses. Added items to compare to.

#2 Cuban-Communist


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Posted 06 July 2010 - 09:11 AM

Items are already used for BKB. No one is going to blow the 2600 gold they just used to make the tenderizer when they can wait 800 gold to make BKB.

Change the items used.

#3 Bweezle



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Posted 06 July 2010 - 10:04 AM

Up it to 12 strength and change the Ogre Axe for two bracers?

Plenty of strength people buy them end up ditching them later. So, for a bit of gold, you get damage, strength, and one of your item spots back.

Sweet deal.

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