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[RECIPE] Sword of Doom

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 04:23 PM

Sword of Doom

Picture= not sure...


x1 Divine Rapier (6,200)
x1 Diffusal lvl 2 (6,600)

x1 Lothars (3,400)

x1 Mystic Staff (2700)

x1 Gem (700)


Total $19,600$ DAMN  

Gives 100 atk with complete mana burn (mana burn only works when having at least 1 charge) , true sight, Bonus stats 30, 300 hp/mana+, permanat invis for 14 sec and bonus ice atk. [Orb effects don't stack] [Buff places don't stack] (Melee only)

- Mana burn works like diffusal and it does Damage like nerubian assassin depending on its exact mana.

Like if you burn 1000 mana it will do 1000 dmg depending on magic resistance. So if they had like 1000 mana and had 50% of magic resistance, the dmg would do like 500 dmg.

- Bloodstones doesn't give charges unless empty.  

-Mystic staff gives Ice atk

-Permant invis is like Riki's

- Damage reduced to 100 instead of 300.

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