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[Event] Fantasia 2010

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 08:17 AM

So Fantasia film fest started here today in Montreal, and there are a bunch of anime movies premiering here, Yay!

So here are a few I've found, and I'd like /ADF/'s glorious opinion on some of these:
First off: Ibara no Ou (King of Thorns)
IPB Image

In the very near future, a mere half-decade from today, a devastating new epidemic is sweeping the planet. It’s called the Medusa virus. It has no known cause and no known cure. It’s 100 per cent fatal, its victims stricken by sudden and utter petrifaction. As the population around them turns to stone, a group of 160 carefully selected individuals are transported to a stately old castle on the Scottish coast. It has been developed as a cryogenic facility—flash-freezing its subjects into a state of deep suspended animation—by Ivan Vega, a former high-powered Russian government insider who’s now the head of one of the world’s most powerful bio-engineering corporations, and a man with mysterious ties to Venus Gate, an apocalyptic cult with visions of salvation for the world. The subjects—including Kasumi Ishiki, a young woman with intense ties to her twin sister Shizuku—are entrusted to the care of A.L.I.C.E., the castle’s supercomputer, and sealed away in their cryogenic chambers for a century. Upon awaking, the chosen 160 are instantly thrust into a terrifying nightmare only a handful will survive. As they battle to escape from the castle, Kasumi and her comrades will be confronted by confounding mysteries that will ultimately reveal the truth of Vega, Venus Gate, Medusa and the strange and frightening world in they now find themselves.

Second Up: First Squad: The moment of Truth
A Japanese Russian joint project animated by Studio 4C holy shit!
IPB Image
“You need the dead to fight the dead.” It is 1942 and the war has stalled along the Eastern Front. Desperate to advance, Hitler’s forces turn to the Ahnenerbe, the secret occult division of the SS, to raise the spirits of their dead ancestors to fight on their behalf. Should they succeed, it will be all-out slaughter, for how can the Russian army possibly stand against the forces of the undead? Fortunately, the Russians are not without occult resources of their own. Their 6th Division conducts its own experiments with the afterlife, and their one great hope is the gifted teenage psychic Nadya, who they must send into the underworld to recruit the spirits of her dead companions—the departed souls of the First Squad—to stand against the Nazi threat.

Space Battleship Yamato: Ressurection (2009):
IPB Image
Seventeen years after escaping the flood waters of Planet Aquarius, Earth has its peace shattered by a seemingly impossible new threat—a black hole moving through space on a precise course for Earth. For the human race to survive, there is only once option—mass migration to another planet. But while en route to a new home in the Amare system, the first wave of civilian transports, captained by Yuki Mori, are ambushed by a fleet of unknown origin. When a second transport fleet is massacred in like fashion, Earth's President Sanada calls upon former space battleship Yamato captain (and husband to Yuki Mori) Susumu Kodai to head up a third transport mission. The remains of Yamato have been salvaged from the frozen waters of Aquarius and rebuilt with advanced technology. Kodai accepts the mission, determined to discover his wife's fate and to reconcile with his daughter, who blames him for her mother's disappearance. Only three months remain before the arrival of the black hole.

Mai Mai Miracles (Mai Mai Shinko Sen-nen no Mah)
IPB Image
Far to the southwest of Tokyo in 1955, vivacious and confident nine-year-old Shinko enjoys a pleasant life, romping in her grandfather’s fields and reading storybooks in her hammock. Still, the good life in Koguka isn’t enough for her. Shinko has a vivid imagination, which she attributes to the perpetual cowlick in her hair. When her grandfather explains that the stream that waters the town’s fields, which runs at unnatural right angles, has been that way for a thousand years, she begins to imagine the Land of Suo of that time—the buildings, boats, people and, at the centre of Shinko’s fantasy community, a strong-willed but deeply lonely princess, Nagiko, seeking a friend of her own age. At that same time, back in the real world, there’s a new arrival in town. Kiiko is a delicate yet kindhearted upper-class girl, rather shy and uncertain of her new surroundings. Opposites attract and the two become fast friends. As the sunny days pass, challenges will be met, secrets revealed and the link between the girls and Nagiko brought to the forefront.

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can(not) Advance: Already a topic here.

Gintama Benizakura arc: Pretty straighforward.

Summer Wars (2009) Already a topic so I guess I others can check it out, personnaly havent seen it, worth watching?

So discuss, what's worth watching, what's worth downloading, bear in mind, tickets are 8$, about the same converted to American.

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Nameless Scarlet


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Posted 08 July 2010 - 03:28 PM

King of Thorn:
GREAT GREAT GREAT manga with the silliest final volume.

First Squad:

Not sure about the others but I'm attracted to Mai Mai Miracles.

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Posted 10 July 2010 - 12:27 AM

Watch everything and tell us how good they are

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