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Posted 05 May 2006 - 09:25 AM


INTRODUCTION: Hello, and welcome to the first ever DOTA tournament hosted by yours truly (me, DarkMist). In this marvelous tournament, we have very special competitors. This is not your average dota tournament, this is a tournament played by all the admins and mods of the forum for ultimate supremacy and bragging rights. The administrators have formed their very own team, while the moderators have split up into several. What group will win, we have yet to find out. I will provide exclusive coverage to this amazing event. Before we get started, allow me to introduce the teams.


1) 28awg
2) IceFrog
3) Mafaga
4) Pendragon
5) Trystero


1) TheMantis
2) Naz
3) Malle
4) DonExodus
5) Deadly7


1) Assassin
2) Captain Hook
3) Darth Rahn
4) Serados
5) FireHawk


1) calf85
2) compucomp
3) Cottontop
4) ZealoT-
5) Auren


1) Gathalimay
2) Deathlust_
3) KingReaper
4) Switch
5) WarMage


1) DT777
2) InDe_eD
3) Warlord
4) Minotaar
5) Equinox

TEAM MODERATORS (sorry, they had no name creativity, blame them)

1) Jewified
2) Benchod
3) Crazetech
4) Feared.slayer
5) Hardrhune


1) Fingo-
2) HallowedFire
3) PieMonger
4) The-Messiah
5) Heftig

And there you have it. 8 Teams competing for fame, glory, and bragging rights.


In this tournament, I will be your host, giving you in-depth coverage to how each game progresses. These games are how your higher ups play dota. I will ensure all dota rules are enforced. There will be no rules broken while I am around. So now, lets take a look at who plays first…

1) Team Moderators VS. The Warning Squad

And there you have it, team moderators is up first against the dreaded warning squad. As a special, Ive gotten their team leaders for a few quick words.

JEWIFIED We are gonna win this, we haven’t come so far to be beaten by mods that do nothing but give out pitiful warnings. This game is ours *******!!!!
HEFTIG: we are 1337. We pros. We win. FIGHT!!!!!

And there you have it, both the team leaders have spoken. So now, without further ado, lets TOURNEY!!!!

GAME 1: (team moderators VS. The Warning Squad)

The game has just started, this is going be intense. Both teams are anxiously waiting for the other to pick their hero in this normal –ap game.

*Jewified has chosen the bone fletcher*

Jewified has started it off with the bone fletcher, how will the rest of his team pick? What will the warning squad choose to counter?

*Heftig has chosen Lich*
*The Messiah has chosen Stealth Assassin*
*PieMonger has chosen Deathbringer*
*Fingo- has chosen crystal maiden*
*HallowedFire has chosen Bounty hunter*

HEFTIG: Omfg you retards! We have no strength dumbasses! Wtf, we practiced for this moment for at least 10 minutes this past month. You would think you idiots would have learned by now!
PIEMONGER: Stfu nublet, I do what I want
FINGO-: Maybe we should have gotten some strength, we might get pwned late game
HALLOWEDFIRE: [All]: My team is noob, I quit

*HallowedFire has left the game*

BENCHOD: Roflmao, how the hell did they even make the qualifying round?
HARDRHUNE: There was no qualifying round…
BECNHOD: I knew that…

*Hardrhune has chosen tidehunter*
*Benchod has chosen Sand King*
*The Messiah has chosen Death Prophet*
*Feared.Slayer has chosen Slayer*

THE MESSIAH: Slayer, do you EVER pick anybody other than Lina? ffs your so dam predictable.
FEARED.SLAYER: Your such a goddam ass, ffs fine, you don’t want me to be slayer, Im outta here, biatch. Beat em without my pwnzoring skillz

* feared.Slayer has left the game*

HEFTIG: [All]: even
HARDRHUNE: [All]; stay
PIEMONGER: [All]: even
THE MESSIAH: [All] plz stay
FINGO-: [All] Ban them!
HEFTIG: nub, this isn’t a banlisted game idiot.

Finally, after much whining, and the typical leavers, the game finally commences with all heroes chosen. All heroes have selected their lanes. Although I cant give every detail, this is how the game progressed

JEWIFIED: Wtf kind of balanced shit is this? The goddam tower isn’t dying!!!
BENCHOD: You fricken idiot! Your too weak to take on the tower, stop!, STOP!

*Jewfied has been killed by the sentinels*

HARDRHUNE: Holy ****! He’s a goddam nOOb!! Who in gods name picked the dam teams?
CRAZETECH: I think the question is who the hell made him our team leader…
JEWIFIED: You guys r so unsupportive, I hate you!!!

*Jewified has left the game*

THE MESSIAH: [All] AAHAHAHAH, omg you guys r so newb, We are gonna kick your asses!!

* Hardrhune just pwned The-Messiah’s head for an extra 200 gold!!*

THE-MESSIAH: OMFG you IDIOTS! How come nobody said he was missing!?? FFS tell me when your dam hero is missing losers!!

* Benchod just pwned Fingo-‘s head for an extra 100 gold!*

FINGO-: Wtf? Oh shit, um, Messiah, My heroes missing!!
THE-MESSIAH: Its cause he’s dead you idiot, haven’t you ever played dota before? Screw it im outta here, what a gay tournament

*The Messiah has left the game*

PIEMONGER: No point now, we are behind 1 ppl we cant win

*Piemonger has left the game
*Fingo- has left the game*

HEFTIG: omg ****ing newbs, we were EVEN FFS!!!

*heftig has left the game*

CRAZETECH: dumb leavers always ruin the game.
BENCHOD: I know, stupid leavers wtf
HARDRHUNE: newb leavers!!

And there you have it folks, Team moderators barely managed to pull out a victory againt the warning squad. Admittedtly it was a rather short game taking only 10 mins 32 seconds to complete, but what a game it was! Team moderators move up in the rankings, and await the other teams to play their first match. Stay tuned as the tournament proceeds!

GAME 2: Team Admins VS The Banhammers

Wow, what an exciting match this will be. We have the legendary admins, up against the dreaded banhammers. This one is going to be close, both teams are revved and ready to go, and have practiced long, grueling minutes just for this. Again, I have been kind enough to drag in the leaders of both teams for a quick word.

ICEFROG: *picking nose*
TRYSTERO: *whispering* psst, Ice, the interview started, please not in public I beg you!
ICEFROG: *startled* Ah yes, well, as we all know, it is obvious who the winners of the match will be. There is no possible way we can lose this one. We plan to take em out by storm!!

AUREN: Pfft, this is going to be a cakewalk. The admins spend all their time developing the game, they have no in-game skillz at all. Id be surprised if they lasted more than 10 minutes.

Wow! Such strong words from both teams!! Again, were doing a regular –ap game. Now, without further ado…LETS TOURNEY!!!


The match has just started, so lets see what the matchup is going to look like

*Auren has chosen Skeleton King*
* calf85 has chosen crystal maiden*
* CottonTop has chosen Butcher*
* Compucomp has chosen Stone Giant*
* ZealoT- has chosen Ulfasaar*

Hmm, interesting set-up, lets see how the admins respond

*Trystero has chosen soul Keeper*
*28awg has chosen Enigma*
* Mafaga has chosen the Sand King*
* Pendragon has chosen BristleBack*
* IceFrog has chosen IceFrog*

AUREN: Wtf?! IceFrog just chose himself! ZOMGZORZ such hAxxIng >.<
ZEALOT: That’s so rigged, wtf wait a sec, aint that against the rules DarkMist?

DARKMIST: *zzzzzzzz* *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

ZEALOT-:…………… this is so rigged.

ICEFROG: such noob whiners, just cause I have my own l337 hero.
TRYSTERO: Wtf man, how come you get a l337 hero? We freakin do everything you want, and we get jack…
MAFAGA: Ya, im with trystero on dat one, I want a pwnzoring lEE7 hero!
PENDRAGON: Its 1337, not LEE7, learn 2 spellz

COTTONTOP: Man I luv this hero, I will ownzorz them with my smecksay hooking skillz.
COMPUCOMP *muttering under his breath* He probably couldn’t hit something that attached itself to his hook beforehand, that’s how bad his hooking skills are, were screwed.
CALF85: DarkMist, wake up! You have to give commentary ffs do your dam job!

DARKMIST: *snaps awake* Oh right, hehe, I was just doing some, uh research into, uh the game variables…^^

Yes, both teams are primed and ready to go, all players have selected their lanes, and the creep waves have spawned! Lets focus on the center lane action, where Trystero and IceFrog face off against Auren and Calf85

AUREN: Heh, suck on my frost nova IceFrog
ICEFROG: Wtf, You dare attack me??? *activates frog frenzy*

*several blue frogs appear on the screen

AUREN: eerr, what does that do, again?
ICEFROG: wtf!? Its not working! Omg those gay beta testers wtf did they do? Snack all day? My freaking hero is bugged!!
TRYSTERO: umm, nobody got to play test your hero remember? We didn’t even know it existed…
ICEFROG: Useless Beta testers!


*cottontop pwned IceFrog’s head for an extra 200 gold!*

No ****ing way!! This games so freakin imba!!

kekekekek!! Eat my hook loser!!

ICEFROG: -bancottontop

*cottontop has been banned from the game!!*

COMPUCOMP Huh? How the.....
AUREN: Unbelievable
ZEALOT-: Who knew Ice played so dirty..

ICEFROG: How did that game command get in there…I swear I don’t know anything about it!!
PENDRAGON: heh, riiiiiiiigghht

AUREN: That’s so against the rules..

DARKMIST: Woah, don’t look at me, wtf can I do? You think I can actually enforce the rules? Roflmao!!

With the inevitable power abuse that comes with being an admin, Cottontop was mysteriously banned from the game. Since the exact culprit is unknown, no legal action was taken. Now lets take a look at the going ons of the bottom lane, where 28awg and Mafaga face off against the lone ZealoT-

ZealoT- seems to be at low health, but for some reason, 28awg and mafaga aren’t taking action

Dude, use blackhole so I can epi his ass
28AWG: Dude, you just want me to do that so YOU get the kill. How about YOU burrowstrike and attack while I finish off with a blackhole
MAFAGA: That combo is so flawed, my combo is used by all the pros.
28AWG: Im not doing it
MAFAGA: Yes you are

*ZealoT- activates his skills, and rushes in*

28AWG: I want the dam kill though, use  burrowstrike ffs
MAFAGA: Blackhole!
28AWG: Burrow!
MAFAGA: Blackhole!!!!!
28AWG: Burrow!!!

*ZealoT- has pwned Mafaga’s head for an extra 100 gold!*

28AWG: o **** hes comin after me
*uses blackhole*

omg hahaha how do you MISS with blackhole??


*ZealoT- has pwned 28awg’s head for an extra 120 gold!*
*ZealoT- has just got a DOUBLE KILL!!*

Wow, with a spectacular turn of events, ZealoT- has just scored a double kill!!

Now ****ing way are we ***ing losing this, time to activate my heroes l337 skillz!!

*Icefrog Activated hero pwning*
*IceFrog has been killed!*


*IceFrog has left the game*


*Pendragon just pwned Compucomps’ head for an extra 160 gold!*

COMPUCOMP Omg you cheapass, fricken take me out while I was typing ffs!!

PENDRAGON: Hehe, not my fault in your too newb to multitask


Wow, this match is soo close, both teams are pushing into each others bases now!! Who will take down the frozen throne/tree first??!!

PENDRAGON: Cmon daamit stop killing the fricken creeps, take out the dam throne!!
TRYSTERO: I want some more $$$$
PENDRAGON: Were gonna freakin lose if you dont help me attack!!

AUREN: Guys Attck the tree ATTACK THE TREE!!!
CALF85: But don’t you guys wanna roshan first?
ZEALOT-: Im with calf on this one, I wanna roshan


AUREN: You freaking idiots…

Unbelievable, the admins barely pull out a victory! What an intense match! The admins move up in ranking while the banhammers suffer the defeat and are now out of the tournament. Stay tuned for the next match coming later!

GAME 3: Team Topic Closers VS. The Spam Filters

Hello and welcome to game 3 of this intense dota tournament! Last game, the admins barely eeked out  victory against team moderators, it was truly a sight to behold. This match, the spam filters test out there mettle against the topic closers. I don’t know about you, but im shaking with excitement. Lets see what the team leaders have to say:

InDe_eD: Im a high level, pro dota player. Truth be told I could wipe the floor against that team myself.

Switch: In the end, its teamwork that will win the day. Sure, InDe_eD may have pro gaming skills, but he wont stand a chance against good teamwork.

As you can see, both teams are confident about the outcome, so without further ado, LETS TOURNEY!!!

The match has just started, it’s a regular –ap game, lets see what the teams are going to look like

*DT777 has chosen gorgon*
*InDe_eD has randomed shadow shaman*
*Warlord has randomed netherdrake*
*Minotaar has chosen stone giant*
* Equinox has chosen lion*

INDE_ED: ****! I suck with rhasta, gay random
INDE_ED: -repick

*InDe_eD has randomed shadow shaman*

INDE_ED: [All]: ffs I got a shitty random, now im gonna suck this game >.<

GATHALIMAY: Rofl, already with the excuses eh? So much for your uber pro skillz
INDE_ED: Stfu I can still pwn your ass

WARLORD: indeed, wtf are you doing!! Dude get back! WTF!! WTH you doing OMG!!
INDE_ED: Ima fricken pwn his ass inside his own base ffs!!
WARLORD: Dude they haven’t even…

*InDe_eD has been killed by the sentinels!!*

INDE_ED: Omg where the hell were you? I freakin searched the whole base dammit, you sissy losers

SWITCH: err, we haven’t even picked yet…

Yeah, this games a write-off

*Kingreaper has chosen lycanthrope*
*Deathlust_ has chosen bloodseeker*
*Gathalimay has chosen bounty hunter*
*Switch has chosen Ogre Magi*
*War-Mage has chosen Techies*

DT777: techies…
EQUINOX: omfg I hate dam techies there so cheap…
MINOTAAR: Gay techies, fricken suicide FTL sad.gif

WAR-MAGE: kekekeke ^.^

DEATHLUST: oh **** the first creep wave already spawned ****!! Im losing EXP!!! O NOES!!

After probably the longest time taken to pick the teams, the players finally decide to rush to their respective lanes. However, unlike what deathlust complained about, this is in fact the eighth creep wave that spawned, not the first. Rather sad I must say. Anyway, let’s check out the bottom lane, where Deathlust_ is pitted against the dreaded DT777.

Eerr, it seems like nothing is happening down there, how boring. Deathlust and DT777 are just…exp soaking…Why gorgon is just exp soaking ill never know…

DT777: quiet fool, deathlust let it slip that if gorgon gets hurt you lose the game. I cant take those kind of risks >.<

DEATHLUST_: [All]: O shoot, I can’t believe I let that big secret out. Woe is me…
GATHALIMAY: heh, nice one death ^^
DEATHLUST_:  biggrin.gif
KINGREAPER: gang him?
DEATHLUST_: totally

*Deathlust activates strygwyrs's thirst*
*Kingreaper activates shapeshift*

KINGREAPER: Wtf, where did he go?
DEATHLUST_: omg that sissy coward
KINGREAPER: why didn’t you say he was running away?
DEATHLUST_: I didn’t know he ran…he had full health dammit
KINGREAPER: I blame this on you.
DEATHLUST_: sad.gif

Well, that was a sad excuse for a gangbang. It seems like DT777 had already ran back to his base way beforehand, claiming *I almost got shot >.<*. Lets see how the center action is going, with War-Mage and Switch team up against Equinox and Minotaar

SWITCH: I wuv you techies ^.^ nice minefield
WAR-MAGE: heh, if that fails I always have suicide biggrin.gif

MINOTAAR: I hate these goddam mines, lets gang techies.
EQUINOX: ok, Ill run in and impale him while hexing the ogre magi, you come in with an avalanche and a follow-up toss.
MINOTAAR: This plan wins at life, it can’t fail

*Lion runs in, activates impale*
*Lion activates hex*

EQUINOX: Tiny wtf, avalanche AVALANCH
MINOTAAR: hey, where’d you go?
EQUINOX: HEEEEELP!!! *pings map madly*

SWITCH: kekeke, suck on my fireblast biatch


*activates Toss*
*Throws equinox into the minefield*

*War-Mage just pwned Equinox’ head for an extra 200 gold!!*

*Minotaar activates avalanche*
*Minotaar misse with avalach*
*Switch activates fireblast*
*Techies suicides*

*War-Mage just pwned Minotaar’s head for an extra 120 gold!!*
*War-Mage just got a DOUBLE KILL!!*

WAR-MAGE: hell ya we pwn

*switch and war-mage give each other a cyber high-five*

MINOTAAR: o shoot, we almost had them too
EQUINOX: Minotaar, you made four mistakes. One, you didn’t come with me when we attacked. Two, You didn’t use avalanche first. Three, you missed with avalanche. And four, YOU THREW ME INTO A ****ING MINEFIELD!!
MINOTAAR: No biggie, maybe next time ^^

Wow, Team Topic closers are absolutely dominating this game!! I never thought this match would be so one-sided! I don’t see how the spam filters are going to get themselves out of this one.

WARLORD: This game is going horrible. Wait, wth who has bottom?
WARLORD: Wtf you doing DT, your at level 2 ffs!

DT777: *sobbing* You don’t *hiccup* understand the pressure. I..I..I almo..sst go..got hit *sob* I almost lost the game for us, I cant go back out there its too dangerous!! *cries*
MINOTAAR: You are such a baby!!

*tosses DT77*


*DT777 has left the game*

INDE_ED: wtf is he talking about
WARLORD: no clue..


It seems as though DT777 has quite the game. It looks like this games over, the sentinels have pushed almost into the scourges base.

KINGREAPER: booya, prolly the easiest game ive ever played in my life, look at my sweet items!! Kekekeke
SWITCH: this games crap, I haven’t gotten a single goddam multicast >.<
KINGREAPER: then don’t pick him, god, everytime you pick you ****about his multicast
SWITCH: Stfu It never goes off its retarded, I even have the scepter.
KINGREAPER: How many points you put in it
SWITCH: eerrr, um, heh....
KINGREAPER: Question answered dumb****!!
SWITCH: sad.gif


Unbelievable, I am simply stunned, team topic closers has actually LOST the game!! It seems that while I and the other team was focusing on the middle and bottom lane, INDE_ED was left all by himself in the top, and actually PUSHED HIS WAY INTO THE BASE AND WON IT!! WOW. I will never understand how the topic closers did not notice this event taking place, but it was simply amazing nonetheless. And out of all the people I would have expected such a feat from, it was the loser who picked a fight with non-existent enemies. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! Team Topic closers are out of the tourney, while the spam filters move on!! Stay tuned for the next exciting match, where the mod squad will face off against the mod annhilator’s!!

GAME 4: The Mod Sqaud Vs. The Mod Annihilators!!

Well, after an insanely long wait, the moderator dota tournament Game 4 will finally be underway! For this final match in the preliminary rounds, we have the elitist mod squad, against the fiery mod annihilators. Just by looking at the members, we can see that neither team is going to be a pushover. As always, the team leaders have been brought in for a pre-game comment

THE MANTIS: Victory will be ours…

ASSASSIN: Heh, they’ll never see me coming.

Ok, they are obviously men of few words, but how powerful they are! Rather than me continue to ramble on, LETS TOURNEY!!


It’s the regulation all-pick game, let’s see what the teams pick.

*TheMantis has randomed anti-mage*
*Naz has chosen Lifestealer*
*Malle has chosen Spirit Breaker*
*DonExodus has chosen Broodmother*
*Deadly7 has chosen Sniper*

ASSASSIN: Why does EVERY game have to have a sniper in it?

kekeke cause he is..uhh, deadly ^^
MALLE: nice one
DEADLY7: Really? You think so?

*Assassin has chosen Stealth Assassin*

THE MANTIS: Wow, never saw that one coming, Assassin that was totally out of character -.-

ASSASSIN: Ya ok so im a bit obsessed with SA, doest change the fact that he is gonna pwn your ass.

THE MANTIS: pfft, you couldnt pwn my ass even if I let you.

ASSASSIN: That’s a lie

Truth starts in lies, munch on that

ASSASSIN: I don’t get it…

THE MANTIS: smile.gif

*captain hook has chosen Butcher*

Didn’t see that one coming either

CAPTAIN HOOK: dude, if there was a Mantis hero you would so totally pick it and you know it.

THE MANTIS: Until that day comes, I get to taunt and tease until you suicide you emo kid.

CAPTAIN HOOK: You cut me deep just now…

THE MANTIS: Good smile.gif


THE MANTIS: biggrin.gif

*Darth Rahn has chosen Bane Elemental*
*Serados has chosen Tinker*
*FireHawk has chosen Weaver*

FIREHAWK: Looking at the line-up, I think were gonna get pwned
SERADOS: Your the one who chose the gay ass weaver, he’s weak as shit
DARTH RAHN: hey lets play a game, we all give reasons why he sucks ass!
CAPTAIN HOOK: I am soooo in!
ASSASSIN: This is gonna be fun, ima go first!
CAPTAIN HOOK: Sure go ahead

Weaver sucks so bad, he would die from a finger prick ^^
CAPTAIN HOOK: Weaver sucks so bad, an ant could pwn his ass
SERADOS: Weaver sucks so bad, he couldn’t even beat himself up
DARTH RAHN: Weaver sucks so bad, that only firehawk is dumb enough to pick him in a high stakes dota tournament -.-
FIREHAWK: Weaver sucks so bad, that…hey wait wtf!!

Anyway, after this the game continues on as normal. However, nearly 3 hours later, no team has made any progress whatsoever. It seems both teams are so skilled and evenly matched, that first blood has STILL not been drawn. Lets take a look at how the teams are strategizing.

NAZ: Weaver missing
MALLE: Pudge missing
DONEXODUS: back back, it’s a gank
DEADLY7: Care, im back
THE MANTIS: heh, their gay ass gank was foiled yet again, let’s wait back in base until they show themselves
NAZ: Agreed, can’t risk getting ganked

CAPTAIN HOOK: Wtf they all missing, I think they are ganking, lets go back
ASSASSIN: They missing, lets go back
SERADOS: Let’s go back to base and wait for them to show themselves

*30 minutes later*

THE MANTIS: Any second now…

*10 more minutes later*

FIREHAWK: They can’t hold out much longer

*5 more minutes later*

**** it, im going back out were never going to win at this rate

Sweet, don is all by himself, lets all gank him
ASSASSIN: Hell ya, nobody survives a 5 man gank, lets go

ASSASSIN: Alright, here’s the plan, listen up. Captain hook, you go up that small incline and hide in the forest with us until he pushes far enough. When he comes within range, launch your hook at exactly a 66.3498 degree angle, with a maximum velocity of 77km/hr. Exactly 2.985666 seconds later, activate dismember on him. If his hp is above 61.7%, activate rot for 0.566 seconds during the dismember. Now bane elemental, IMMEDIATELY after his dismember ends, you need to activate your fiends grip on him, while we wail on him. If he is not dead after, brain sap. FireHawk, all you gotta do it attack. I myself will throw out a smokescreen and pwn his ass. Is everybody clear?

FIREHAWK: I think so
ASSASSIN: THERE IS NO THINKING IN TIMES OF WAR!! ONLY ACTION!! Now, lets go, and sing our ganking song for spirit!

ASSASSIN: Now I don’t know but I’ve been told!
CAPTAIN HOOK: That assassin is a smelly mould!
ASSASSIN: Sound off!!
FIREHAWK: one two
DARTH RAHN: three four!!!


ASSASSIN: Now I don’t know but ive been told!
CAPTAIN HOOK: that captain hook is sexy and bold!
ASSASSIN: Sou..wtf follow the goddam song ****, that’s the second time ffs
CAPTAIN HOOK: Oh, those aren’t the lyrics?

After nearly 10 minutes of preparation, the group is finally ready for the ultimate gank, Donexodus has just reaches the ganking site, I myself am excited to see just how great this is gonna turn out!

ASSASSIN: Hes in range!!, Activate plan super gank!!

*Captain Hook launches meat hook*
*DonExodus was reeled in!*
*Pudge activates dismember*
*Pudge activates rot*
*All heroes start pwning the shit out of donexodus!!*
*DonExodus attempts to flee!!*
*Bane Elemental activates nightmare!*
*Assassin was put to sleep!*

ASSASSIN: NO NO you sleep HIM not me!!! GET HIM GET HIM!!

*Firehawk chases Donexodus*
*pudge launches meathook*
*Firwehawk was reeled in!!*

FIREHAWK: OH MY GOD, you fricken hit me you dumbass!!
SERADOS: shit…
ASSASSIN: You are all retards, for every second you remain alive, god kills a helpless kitten and an innocent suicides. You should all fricken die losers

*Assassin has left the game*

SERADOS: I think this is game…

*Serados has left the game*
*FireHawk has left the game*
* Has left the game*

NAZ: ahahahaha omfg this is so hilarious! Such losers, and after all that work to LOL
MALLE: Lol such a crappy gank, how the hell can ANYBODY screw up a 5 man gank?
THE MANTIS: Certainly not the sexy mod squad that’s for sure

DARTH RAHN: gg we lose

DEADLY7: lol you lost horribly, lol. NOT EVEN GOD HIMSELF COULD STOP US NOW!!!

GOD: Oh really?


*God activated divine intervention!!*

*God just pwned Deadly7’s head for an extra 200 gold!!*

*God just pwned The Mantis’ head for an extra 120 gold!!*

*God just pwned Naz’ head for an extra 150 gold!!*

*God just pwned Malles Head for an extra 160 gold!*

*God just pwned DonExodus head for an extra 200 gold!!*

GOD: Too bad that’s not possible kekekek!!!

*God activated God Mode*
*cheat enabled!!*

THE MANTIS: Holy shit were ****ed

*God just pwned Deadly7’s head for an extra 200 gold!!*
*God just pwned The Mantis’ head for an extra 120 gold!!*
*God just pwned Naz’ head for an extra 150 gold!!*
*God just pwned Malles Head for an extra 160 gold!*
*God just pwned DonExodus head for an extra 200 gold!!*

GOD: I love this game. Anyway, I am bored. Darth Rahn, since I am god and can do anything, I hereby allow you to win this game.

*God activated instant win!!*
*Darth Rahn just won the game*


There are no words to describe this amazing turnaround of events. The mod annihilators, against all odds pulled out a victory that not even I could have predicted. What a simply amazing game this was! Now all teams have played the preliminary rounds. Now the winning teams will again pair up for the semi-finals, where they will test their mettle in “who wants to be a dota millionaire!!!!!

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#2 Fingo



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Posted 05 May 2006 - 01:25 PM

lol pretty funny stuff, except i'd never lose to slayer. That's not funny! Well I guess this is the fiction section. Burned G_G

#3 whitedragon10



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Posted 05 May 2006 - 01:28 PM

lol, nice new take on fan fic

#4 DarkMist



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Posted 05 May 2006 - 01:49 PM

you guys lose to whoemever I say you lose to tongue.gif

Ill add more in the future. Perhaps some of the defeated teams and players will make an appearance wink.gif

#5 DarkMist



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Posted 05 May 2006 - 05:06 PM

Edites characters names for match 2, I used some of the wrong names from the wrong teams ^^

#6 Geno DCLXVI


    ^_Kicked off the mod team! Yeah!_^

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Posted 06 May 2006 - 04:02 AM

Lol those fights are so rigged laugh.gif

#7 Wolffeh



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Posted 06 May 2006 - 04:25 AM

ROFL! -bancottontop

That just made my day.

#8 dunksme1



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Posted 06 May 2006 - 06:29 AM

rox!!! top quality match!!! you can be a commentator!!! keep it up

#9 DarkMist



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Posted 06 May 2006 - 08:40 AM

hehe thanks smile.gif Game 3 should be up later today or tomorrow biggrin.gif

#10 DarkMist



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Posted 06 May 2006 - 11:52 AM

fixed numerous spellign mistakes and made some name changes.

#11 gogogo97



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 04:14 AM

HAHAHAHAHAH OMG funniest stuff ever rofl!! Keep writing smile.gif

#12 DarkMist



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 04:46 AM

thanks for the support smile.gif

#13 Geno DCLXVI


    ^_Kicked off the mod team! Yeah!_^

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 07:23 AM

Team Topic Closers ftw! laugh.gif

#14 harby


    Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 07:46 AM

i'd like to see topic closers versus spam filters next ^^

#15 DarkMist



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 08:21 AM

thats exactly what the next matchup was going to be, im writing it as we speak ^.^

#16 DarkMist



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 09:04 AM

Game three added, and spelling mistakes corrected. Enjoy smile.gif

#17 harby


    Load Universe into Cannon. Aim at Brain. Fire.

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 09:41 AM

nice ending @ round 3 ^^
(kingreaper lost tho :cry: )

#18 DarkMist



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 12:36 PM

well its their fault for not keeping an eye on inDe_eD tongue.gif

#19 inDe_eD



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 12:43 PM

I gotta say you captured that indeed guy's character perfectly.  What a jackass.

Solocraft FTW.

#20 PieMonger



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 12:49 PM

My brain exploded from trying to read that. Worse yet, I know none of the mods you put on my team, NO WONDER WE LOST (er, we did lose, right?)!

You should've had all of the Strat Mods on the same team + Diaz_Leon as a filler. That would've kicked ass.

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