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Replays FAQ's and Colour Coded Matchups

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Posted 20 April 2008 - 08:54 PM

Replay's Section
Frequently asked Questions

If you have questions, please make sure to read FAQ's first, as your question may already be answered for you. If you have a question that is not answered please post it here, or PM any Moderator. We will always answer to the best of our ability, or direct you to someone who is better suited to answer your question.

Table of Contents
  • Replay FAQ's
  • General FAQ's
  • Links
  • Colour Coded Matchup

Replay FAQ's

1.) Q. I just saw a cool new bug/glitch in a replay. Where do I post it at?

A. All bugs/Glitches inside of the game can be reported to http://www.getdota.com/contact/, or email IceFrog@gmail.com. They are not to be posted anywhere on this forum.

2.) Q. I just downloaded a replay. But it says I do not have the correct version of DotA. What do I do?

A. The replay you are trying to watch may be from an older version of DotA. DotA is constantly being remade by IceFrog. So new versions are coming out quickly. Try looking at the replay file. It will tell you what version you need. You can find a whole list of DotA map downloads at Dota Map Archive!

3.) Q. I just downloaded a replay. But it says I have the incorrect version of Warcraft 3? What should I do?

A. Just like DotA. Blizzard is updating Wc3 with patches. These patches make the old replays not viewable, unless you have your Wc3 updated to that patch. You can either try downloading the new patch, or look at Piecr3w's Viewing Old Patch Replays.

4.) Q. Whoops!!!!! I accidentally posted my replay in the wrong section. What do I do?

A. Not to worry. Just make sure to report yourself using the report button IPB ImageIPB Image. We always check and look at who reports the thread. If you report it yourself, we will know you did not mean to do it. Just always make sure in the future to check where you are posting your thread. You need to have 31 posts or more to see and use the report function

5.) Q. kvlc has gone on another warn fest. What do I do to get my warn removed?

A. You can appeal any unjust warns by going to the Replay's Forum Leader ChildLikEmperor. Appeal to him your case, and he will make the final decision on whether or not the warn was deserved.

6.) Q. Can I rewind replays?

A. The short answer to this is no. But the reason behind it is a little more complicated. As you can tell replays are the saved file of a game (pretty basic knowledge). How a replay is saved, is not the actual game play, but the coding that is used. Whenever you cast a spell, move your character, click the screen, anything at all that happens inside of the game, sets another coding. So when you save the replay, you are not actually saving the "Video". You are only saving that coding. When your watching a replay, it follows to the dot, what codings happen, when/where/how. So rewinding would be impossible because it is following a set path. If it was not like that, the replay files would be far to large to serve any practical purpose.

General FAQ's

1.) Q. ChildLikEmperor your so cool!! I want to learn more about you. How can I do that?

A. You can learn more about me, or any other staff member by reading our Staff Profiles. There you can read up about our likes/dislikes, hobbies and our past history throughout DotA.

2.) Q. I have a great idea for a new hero. Where do I post it?

A. You can post your suggestion inside the Suggestions Forum. Always make sure to read the Suggestions Forum Rules before posting a suggestion.

3.) Q. I want to learn how to play DotA better. Where can I go to learn more?

A. Check out our Strategy Section to learn how to play more effectively. Also make sure to check out the Premium Guides. As these are guides of high quality, and are guaranteed to help you out. Make sure to read the Strategy Section Board Information before posting in any thread.

4.) Q. I am new and want to introduce myself to the community. Where do I go to post a profile for myself?

A. Check out The Welcome Mat. To introduce yourself, and learn more about your fellow forumers. Make sure to read the Introduction Rules before posting anything. Kaoru-DC is very temperamental tongue.gif.

5.) Q. What is TDA, and how do I get safelisted for it?

A. TDA is a very popular DotA league located on Azeroth (U.S East). It can be located under the Clan TDA channel. To get safelisted, you must either have an icon. Which means you got 25 wins in any single race on BNET. Or you can check out the TDA Community and post an application there.

6.) Q. I have found a bug/error on DotA-Allstars.com site. Where do I post it?

A. All bugs that have to do with the DotA-Allstars.com site are to be posted at the Site Feedback and suggestions Section of the forums.

7.) Q. How do I get those cool custom titles below your Avatar?

A. To be able to customize your title, you must obtain 751 posts. Then you can go into your profile and change it to your preference.

8.) Q. I just found a thread breaking the rules. What should I do?

A. Do not post there. If you find a thread breaking the rules, use the report function and let us know. Under no circumstances are you to take things into your own hands. You can get into trouble by doing this sometimes.


Here are some useful links that could help you with further questions that are not answered here. Please remember to read them all to make sure your question is not already answered.

IMPORTANT! Forum Rules
Guide To Viewing Replays
General Discussion Rules and FAQ's
Strategy Section Board Information
New Member FAQ

Colour Coded Matchup

There are several methods for doing this.

The first is pretty and very easy to use but requires you to download a parser from here. It has recently been updated and is what we currently use. This is the same method that they use to make competitive dota matchups and looks like this:

Patch version: 1.22
Map: DotA Allstars 6.52
Game mode: -ap
Game length: 37:00
Players: 5v5

IPB Image GameDk (Jungle)
IPB Image battleangel6 (Bot)
IPB Image -n|cXh-| (Top)
IPB Image DabeliuteeF| (Mid)
IPB Image XTiNcT- (Top)

IPB Image MYM|H4nn1- (Bot)
IPB Image MYM|MaNia- (Mid)
IPB Image MYM|slahser (Top)
IPB Image MYM|PusHer (Bot)
IPB Image MYM|Maelk (Jungle)


You can edit what it actually shows in terms of heros, levels, items, apm etc

The second is the one we use to use to make all replays in the replays forum pretty. Its called DotaMatchGen and can be found here. It looks like this:


visa.gif SK.Hailo
Admiral.gif Lego-
fdra.gif OwnaGeJuiCe
levi.gif DabeliuteeF|
potm.gif IGG-Ly0n


eart.gif SK.Snow
veno.gif png
sspi.gif rkwnthachef
cmai.gif DemonOFHATRED
lool.gif PenguinQ


The third method is a direct BB code inclusion. Piecr3w has this in one of his posts but i thought i would reference it for you all. Simply copy this code and fill in the blanks. An example of this and the original code can be found here. Remember to always include a hero matchup with your replays. This is a simple way of making it sexier and Pie has done all the work for you! I have just been enlightened as to the exact colours that are used in DotA. Thanks to DuckieKingdom for bringing it to my attention.

[b][ [color=#ff0303][font=arial][size=4]Sentinel[/size][/font][/color] ][/b]
[b][color=#0042ff] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#1ce6b9] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#540081] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#fffc01] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#fe8a0e] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]

[b][ [color=#20c000][font=arial][size=4]Scourge[/size][/font][/color] ][/b]
[b][color=#e55bb0] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#959697] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#7ebff1] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#106246] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]
[b][color=#4e2a04] <insert hero/player name here> [/color][/b]

And this is how it looks:

[ Sentinel ]

[ Scourge ]
Light Blue
Dark Green

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