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DotA Mechanics FAQ

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Posted 05 May 2008 - 07:57 AM

==== DotA Allstars – Mechanics FAQ ====

If you find a mistake or think some other questions are needed, feel free to PM DonTomaso, EastyMoryan, Robzor, Protomanx1 or me.

Links to the most important DotA mechanics Guides and Lists:
- Guides and Lists section
- Complete orb stacking table
- Guide on every hero’s spell damage type
- The attack speed guide
- List of all hero stats, descriptions and abilities  
- Guide to experience
- Critical strikes and bashs
- Evasion, Miss and Dodge guide
- Armor and EHP guide

=== General DotA Questions ===

Please note, that a legal and up-to-date version Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne is required in order to play DotA Allstars.

QUESTION: Where can I get DotA Allstars?
Answer: You can always DL the newest version of DotA at getdota.com

QUESTION: Where can I read the most recent changelog?
Answer: www.getdota.com/changelog.txt

QUESTION: How do I install DotA Allstars after?
Answer: You can read the DotA install guide here. Note, that you need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open and read the guide.

QUESTION: Is there any way to play DotA Allstars against bots/AI?
Answer: Yes, you can always get the official AI version here.

QUESTION: I’ve found a bug, where can I report it?
Answer: If you find a bug, please send a mail to IceFrog@gmail.com . Note: never start topics about bugs or post a bug description in a topic. If you see a thread about (abusable) bugs, please report it. If you want to post a question and you are not completely sure if it is intended or a bug, please contact a moderator about it first.

QUESTION: I am searching for a special DotA tool. Where can I find it?
Answer: There are some additional applications that a DotA player can use in-game for better gameplay organisation or in order to find values from the map or replays. Take a look at the collection of links and tools at the end of the guide, to find a small summary of them.

=== Basic gameplay questions ===

QUESTION: When do runes spawn?
Answer: Every second minute. The first spawn is 0:00 (first creep wave). The spawn side and the rune type are chosen randomly.

QUESTION: When do neutral creeps spawn?
Answer: The first spawn is 0:30 after the first creepwave, then starting from 1:00 every minute

QUESTION: What are the differences between normal mode and -em
Answer: In –em (easy mode) you gain 50% more experience, the towers are weaker and you gain 2 gold every 0.875 seconds instead of the normal 1 gold every 0.875 seconds.

QUESTION: When do the trees respawn?
Answer: Every 5 minutes (5:00, 10:00 after the first creepwave etc)

QUESTION: Whats the gold loss and respawn time upon death?
Answer: The respawn time = 4 * your level, while the gold loss = 30* your level.

QUESTION: Backdooring. What does it mean?
Answer: Backdooring is defined as attacking towers/buildings without creep support. It's forbidden in some games and leagues.

QUESTION: What does Strength / Inteligence / Agility give me.
For each point of Strength you gain: 19 Hit Points (HP) and +0.03 HP/second regeneration
For each point of Agility you gain: 1% increased attack speed (IAS) and 0.14 armor
For each point of Intelligence you gain 13 Mana Points (MP) and +0.04 MP/second regeneration
Also every hero has a main attribute (Strength / Agility / Intelligence). You gain 1 damage for every point of your main attribute in addition to the other bonuses.

QUESTION: What are the limits for speed, attack speed etc.
Maximum possible speed in dota is 522, while the lowest speed possible is 100. You can always check your current speed by using the –ms command
Maximum possible increased attack speed in DotA is 400% IAS, the minimum is -80%

=== Orb Effects ===

QUESTION: How do orb effects stack?
Answer: Two or more orb effects don’t stack at all. You will always get only 1 orb on your attack. Buff Placers, often confused with orb effects, can stack with orb effects (Only one Orb Effect and one Buff Placer per attack).
Example: You are playing a Priestess of the Moon and have a Mjolnir and a Skadi. On your normal attacks, you will place the Skadi buff, however if Mjolnir triggers, the Chain Lightning effect will work, but you won’t get the slow on this strike.

QUESTION: How are orb effects interacting with Stuns and Crits.
Answer: As a golden rule you only get the last effect in such cases. Example: you are playing a silencer and buy a monkey king bar. If you get the MKB first and learn the level 1 of silencers glaives after, you will never get the MKB trigger, if you have the orb on autocast (because you learned the orb last). If you learn the glaives first and buy MKB after, you will not get the bonus damage of glaives on the attacks where MKB triggers.

QUESTION: So how can I find out exact information about orb and buffplacer stacking?
Answer: For much more information, you can take a look at Malle’s Complete Orb Effect Priority Table. There you can find exact information about what orb will work, for any combination!

QUESTION: How come Lifesteal and Skadi both work on a single attack?
Answer: The ranged skadi isn’t counted as an orb effect but as a Buff Placer. That’s why it stacks completely with lifesteal.

QUESTION: Is the lifesteal from N’aix's Feast, Skeleton King's aura and Vladmir's Offering counted as orbs?
Answer: No, they are auras and they will all stack completely with any orb effect acquired.

QUESTION: What about luna’s glaives?
Answer: All orbs except lifeleech will either not work at all, or they will completely disable luna's attack, meaning you wouldn't be able to attack/deal damage with normal attacks!. However, Lifeleech will work with her glaives. Still, it will only leech life from the main target.

QUESTION: Can Ursa leech life?
Answer: Yes, with Vladimir’s offering or Skeleton King’s aura he can steal life from each of his attacks, including the damage he deals by fury swipes. That’s why he is able to solo roshan at low levels

=== Denying and Orbwalking ===

QUESTION: I often hear players speaking about denying. What does it mean?
Answer: Denying is the basic description for killing an allied creep / hero / tower at low HP, so that the opponent won’t gain any/less experience and gold from their death. In order to deny, you have to give your hero the attack order (with the attack button or with the A hotkey) and target an allied hero/creep/tower.

QUESTION: When can I deny a creep?
Answer: You can deny a creep or any friendly non-hero/building creature when its hitpoints are under 50%. The deny of a creep will give 36/n experience to all enemy melee heros in 1000 AoE and 18/n experience to all ranged heroes in 1000 AoE.  (n = the number of opponent heroes in the area).
It is important to mention, that if the creep dies in combat, you opponent will gain much more experience and maybe even gold, if he kills the creep.
Also note, that denying summoned or any other player controlled creatures won’t give any experience to opponents at all.

QUESTION: When can I deny a tower?
Answer: You can destroy your own tower or any other allied building (except of the throne/tree) when it has less than 10% of its maximum amount of hitpoints. The denial of the tower will reduce the amount of gold for every opponent hero to 50% and prevent a unit from gaining the extra high tower bounty gained through killing the tower.

QUESTION: When can I deny a hero?
Answer: You can deny a hero only in the case that the hero is below 25% HP and is affected by one of the following debuffs:
Shadow Word, Shadow Strike (Viper Strike is not included), Venomous Gale or Doom. If you succeeded in denying the hero, the opponents won’t receive any gold / experience from his death. However, the dead hero will still lose gold on death.
For more information about experience question take a look at Nova's Guide to Experience.

QUESTION: What does orbwalking mean?
Answer: Heroes who have autocasteable arrow effects (silencer, viper, enchantress, drow, huskar, etc.) can single cast the effect (with a hotkey) and move a bit forward at once after the missle is launched. At once after the movement they single cast the next orb rapidly. If they repeat the same action over and over, you will attack your opponent and chase him at once in a very effective way.

=== Bashes and Criticals ===

QUESTION: How do bashes and criticals stack?
Answer: Multiple bashes or criticals stack diminishingly. You can get the exact chance with the following formula:
Chance = 1 - ( 1 - A ) * ( 1 - B ) * ( 1 - C ) .... ( 1 - X )

QUESTION: What happens if multiple criticals trigger on a single attack?
Answer: Only the last one will work. Criticals are reduced by armor amount. They are not negated by magic immunity.
Example: You play a Mortred and learn your ultimate. Then you buy a Buriza-de-Kyanon. If you get both criticals on one attack, only the buriza will work, because you bought it after you learned the skill.

QUESTION: What happens if multiple bashes trigger on a single attack?
Answer: If you play a melee hero, all bashes will work at once. Only the longest bash time will however apply. The damage dealt from multiple stuns will stack. If you play a ranged hero and multiple bashes trigger at once, only the last bash time + damage will work.
Example: you play a sniper and your headshot and monkey king bar trigger on one attack. In that case only, your monkey king bar bash will work, because you bought it, after you learned the level 1 of headshot.

QUESTION: How is the damage/stun from bashes negated/reduced?
Answer: In case of melee bashes, the damage is reduced by spell resistance and negated by magic immunity. The stun effect itself however, is not negated by magic immunity. In case of ranged bashes the damage is reduced by armor type and amount. It is not negated by magic immunity. However, the stun effect itself is blocked by magic immunity!

QUESTION: Do I leech additional life from criticals and bashes?
Answer: Critical Strikes and ranged bashes effects indeed increase the life leeched. However, melee bashes doesn’t increase it at all.

QUESTION: What about greater bash?
Answer: Greater bash doesn’t count as a normal bash. It is a separated attack that completely stacks with almost every other bash/critical effect, Cranium Basher being the sole exception. It doesn’t amplify life leech at all.

For more and detailed information about the criticals and bashes topic, take a look at this guide: Critical Strikes and Bashes by Malle.

=== Buffs and Item stacking ===

QUESTION: Is the damage block on Vanguard's or Stouts stacking?
Answer: The chance, stacks diminishingly, but you will never get 2x block on one attack.

QUESTION: Is the AoE damage effect of radiance stacking with other radiance users?
Answer: No, only one radiance will work in the same area.

QUESTION: How do multiple evasion item/skills interact?
Answer: Only one evasion effect will work at once. The only exception is Faceless Void's Backtrack, since the evasion effect is created through a triggered heal effect, and will stack diminishingly with Radiance/The Butterfly.

For more and detailed information on evasion, take a look at this guide: Evasion guide by ICallBotSolo.

QUESTION: How do multiple Battle Furies stack?
Answer: They percentage is simple A+B+C…+N =Cleaved Damage stacking. That means that you can even go over 100% cleave, where the side targets take more damage than the main target. However, no orb effects, bashes etc, will affect side targets. (only criticals will amplify the cleave)

For more and detailed information on Cleave, take a look at this guide: Multi-targeted Physical Attacks guide by Robzor.

QUESTION: Do all auras in DotA stack with each other?
Answer: As long as aura’s have different buff IDs, they stack with each other in DotA. The two most important exceptions for auras that don’t stack are: The +armor aura from Vladmirs/Basilius/Cuirass (only the most powerful one will work) and the mana regeneration aura from Basilius/Vladmirs (only Vladmirs will work).

For more and detailed information on Auras, take a look at this guide: Auras guide by Robzor.

QUESTION: What skills/items in DotA do not stack with each other?
Answer: There are a lot of examples for such skills. Mask of madness won’t work with frenzy and the double damage rune won’t stack with Howl, or Terror. For a full list of non stacking skills check out Clogon’s Buff stacking guide.

QUESTION: How does spell resistance stack?
Answer: The spell resistance of Pudge / Anti-Mage / Viper / Phantom Lancer stacks diminishingly with every hero’s natural spell resistance and with Hood of Defince or Planeswalker's Cloak (only with one of them). The order of learning the skill and buying the item is unimportant. Check out the Spell Resistance Stacking guide by Gradenko for further information on this matter.

QUESTION: What buffs can purge, dispel magic or illusion creation skills (Nessaj’s Phantasm, Naga’s Create Images and Manta style) dispel?
Answer: These skills are capable of dispelling hardcoded and non-triggered spells like, Amplify Damage, Bloodlust, Frost Armor etc. They can’t dispel triggered and complicated spells like Rupture however. The full list of buffs the can be dispelled can be found here: Purge guide by sdfsdf.

=== Other frequently asked questions ===
QUESTION: How does Omnislash work?
Answer: Omnislash is basically just a multi-blinkstrike, that deals 150-250 damage at every strike, reduced by armor amount. However, if your attack speed is fast enough, you can make normal attacks, between the omnistrikes.
For more information about Omnislash check out DonTomaso’s Omnislash guide

QUESTION: If I learn a higher level of Manashield, do I have to reactivate it, in order to gain it’s full effect?
Answer: Yes, you have to reactivate it.

QUESTION: How is skill XYZ reduced (armor? spell resistance?) and is it blocked by magic immunity?
Answer: For general information about how a single skill is reduced / affected by magic immunity take a look at Danat’s Guide on every hero’s attack/damage type.

QUESTION: Why aren't Vengeful Spirit and Pudge allowed to use Kelen's Dagger?
Answer: This change has been added in order to prevent them from hooking/swapping opponents onto inescapable areas like cliffs.

=== Useful DotA tools ===

Banlist, useful tool for DotA hosts. It allows to create/download a data base with players, who left your games, so that you won’t experience playing with them again. Also it gives you the possibility to ping, manage your friend list, reserve slots etc etc.

If you want to change the ingame hotkey’s or display the health bars, you can check out following tools:
Blamestars hotkey tool
Mac DotA hotkey tool
Pie Crew’s Inventory

Very useful is also Danat’s DotaHIT, , since it has a lot of nice functions in it, like a replay parser, data dump etc. People that are especially interested in strategy and mechanics should take a look at it.

People who helped creating or contributed to the FAQ
AntiWeltTeilchen, DonTomaso, EastyMoryan, FoR, Virot2.

Also thanks to the following members, who helped adding and suggesting new questions or corrections:
AntiWeltTeilchen, Thurmor

FAQ created by Y0UR for DotA-Allstars.com

Last Update: 10.11.2008 by Y0UR

Edited by Robzor, 14 May 2009 - 02:22 PM.

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Posted 23 February 2009 - 04:31 PM

You might want to add a new section about how the new Heart of Tarrasque works.

Aside from the additional benefits, Heart of Tarrasque regenerates 1% of your hero's maximum health points per second. Additional Hearts of Tarraque will NOT stack with each other; however, they will stack with every other form of regeneration (as far as I know at least—I don't think I'm wrong but correct me if I am).

Also, maybe a link to the DotA Commands Guide some where in there?

Edit: Also, @Title: DotA*. smile.gif

Edited by supa_fly., 23 February 2009 - 04:42 PM.

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Posted 23 February 2009 - 06:09 PM

The new heart adds a non-stacking 1% regeneration. Why make a circus out of it?

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Posted 24 February 2009 - 10:48 AM

QUOTE(Y0UR @ May 5 2008, 04:57 PM) View Post

QUESTION: Can I stack multiple blademails
Answer: Same as for battlefury, the damage reflection percentage = A+B+C… You can also go over 100% reflection here. However, it’s important to note, that the reflected damage is reduced by spell resistance and negated by magic immunity and that it is not reflecting ranged or spell damage.

I think this doesnt work now, since damage return is an active ability now so if you have 2 blademails both go into cooldown if u activate one.

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Posted 24 February 2009 - 11:04 AM

The FAQ is not updated to fit for the latest versions.

I'll probably look over it and edit as needed when I have time.

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Posted 17 March 2009 - 09:43 PM

Perhaps mention of the Culling blade + Shallow grave thing that gets questioned every month?

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Posted 17 March 2009 - 09:58 PM

And shallow grave + techies suicide

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 09:28 AM

wats d checking order of items in hero inventory?
(i tried lookin up answer like for half an hour before posting, so i did wat i could)

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 09:39 AM

1 2
3 4
5 6

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Posted 18 March 2009 - 06:03 PM

Basher + bash/ministun could be added too, but I guess that will be added when they update this F.A.Q. for the latest version.

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Posted 26 May 2009 - 03:30 PM

Just wanted to say this was really helpful. Thanks!

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Posted 25 July 2009 - 07:03 AM

Can someone explain to me what the new watchers do? And what's with magnus ulti nerf?

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Posted 25 July 2009 - 09:47 AM

The watchers, when they suicide, will deal a small DoT and silence. It has an AoE of 200, it's based on soul burn, and its lethal damage.

Magnus was not nerfed, the AoE of his ulti is still the same, the only change is that, when he uses RP, all the units will get suck in fron of him, instead of around him. This way, he can cleave and shockwave all of them, and is not trapped if he catches a lot of units.

Edited by Foede, 25 July 2009 - 09:54 AM.

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Posted 25 July 2009 - 12:36 PM

AoE of silence is 275.
also scarabs got a burrow based ability which makes them invisible but unmovable. they got magic immunity.

Edited by antiweltteilchen, 25 July 2009 - 12:37 PM.

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