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Yunero, the Juggernaut

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 01:37 PM

Yurnero, the Juggernaut

IPB Image


I didn't think I'd ever finish this guide, but here it is. Juggernaut is one of the first heroes I played and has been my best and favorite hero for a very long time, but somehow I never got around to finishing this guide until now. I put a ridiculous amount of effort into writing this guide, testing builds and getting good replays, so hopefully it shows.

This guide is extremely long and comprehensive, but I think that all the information is necessary, and I gauruntee it's worth the effort to read. Whether you play Juggernaut religiously, or you're just trying him for the first time, I'm sure you can take something from this guide, and hopefully start to enjoy playing this hero as much as I do.

Stats and Skills

IPB Image

Strength: 20 + 1.9 each level
Agility: 20 + 2.85 each level
Intelligence: 14 + 1.4 each level
Base HP: 473
Base Mana: 182
Base Damage: 44 - 48
Base Armor: 4
Base Move Speed: 305
Range: 100 (Melee)
Attack Speed: 1.42 (+ 20% IAS from base agility)

Juggernaut has relatively good starting stats and stat gain. His agility gain is very high, his strength gain is reasonable and intelligence is less important for agility heroes. His base damage and armor are reasonable as well. In recent patches his move speed was increased to 305, which is above average, and his base attack speed is quite good.

IPB Image
Blade Fury

Level 1: Deals 80 damage per second.
Level 2: Deals 100 damage per second.
Level 3: Deals 120 damage per second.
Level 4: Deals 140 damage per second.

Mana Cost: 110
Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Juggernaut spins with his blade causing damage to all units near him. You become immune to magic while using this. Blade Fury is your primary hero killing skill early game and your escape mechanism throughout the game. Becoming proficient with this skill is essential to playing Juggernaut well.

See the Guide to Blade Fury later in the guide to learn more about how this skill works and how to use it.

IPB Image

Blade Dance

Level 1: 10% chance for double damage
Level 2: 18% chance for double damage
Level 3: 26% chance for double damage
Level 4: 36% chance for double damage

Basically boosts your damage by 10, 18, 26, and then 36 percent. Blade Dance is very useful mid and late game but isn't too helpful early on because you'll be relying on your spells rather than your physical attack. Criticals from Blade Dance have a chance to trigger when additional slashes occur during Omnislash.

IPB Image
Healing Ward

Level 1: Heals 1% of hit points per second.
Level 2: Heals 2% of hit points per second.
Level 3: Heals 3% of hit points per second.
Level 4: Heals 4% of hit points per second.

Mana Cost: 140
Cooldown: 75 seconds
Lasts: 25 seconds

Heals all allied units near the ward for a percent of their max HP every second. Great skill for pushing but easily destroyed. Healing ward can be moved by selecting the ward and moving it as you would move a hero.

See the Guide to Healing Ward later in the guide to learn more about how this skill works and how to use it.

IPB Image


Level 1: Attacks 3 times.
Level 2: Attacks 5 times.
Level 3: Attacks 8 times.

Mana Cost: 200/275/350
Cooldown: 130/120/110 seconds

Juggernaut performs random blink attacks that deal 150-250 damage each. Absolutely amazing ultimate but somewhat hard to use. Additional slashes are possible between the set slashes if Juggernaut’s attack speed is high enough. These slashes are based on your normal attack damage rather than the 150-250 set damage from the other slashes. Omnislash deals physical damage.

See the Guide to Omnislash later in the guide to learn more about how this skill works and how to use it.

Skill Build

Blade Fury             
Blade Fury
Blade Fury
Blade Fury
Blade Dance
Blade Dance
Blade Dance
Blade Dance
Healing Ward
Healing Ward
Healing Ward
Healing Ward

Why gets stats early?

During the laning phase of the game, Juggernaut relies almost entirely on his spells to get kills. Stats give you more mana to use your spells, more HP to avoid dying in skirmishes, and more base damage for last-hitting creeps. Two or three levels of stats is ideal, because you want to start putting points into Blade Dance early enough that you'll have it maxed by the time you farm your first damage item, which should be around level 13 or 14 if you're doing well.

What about Healing Ward?

For the sake of simplicity, I'll say to start getting Healing Ward immediately after maxing Blade Dance. However, with the Desolator build, it's usually best to wait until levels 17-20, because it's hard to support the mana cost at level 14 or 15. If you have a CM on your team, or something else to handle your mana problems (like someone with an Arcane Ring or Kotl) then you'll be fine taking it right after maxing Blade Dance, but if not take a few points in stats first. With the Battlefury build, you have 150% mana regen, so you won't have mana problems.

Any Exceptions?

Always. Although these are the typically the best skill builds for Juggernaut, there is always room for adjustment depending on how the game is going. If you're doing poorly, take a few more points in stats early to tank yourself up a bit. If your team has absolutely no coordination or teamwork, consider delaying Healing Ward a few levels. Always feel free to adjust the skill build to fit your own playstyle and the level of play you typically play at.

Item Build

1. The Desolator Juggernaut
The Desolator Juggernaut is the build main build that I pioneered and advocated, and continues to be my favorite way of playing him. With the various buffs to Battlefury, Desolator seems to have fallen out of the limelight, but this build remains incredibly strong.

IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image

  • Armor Reduction amplifies Omnislash's damage by a huge amount
  • For it's cost, Desolator boosts your damage more than any other big item
  • Reducing armor amplifies your allies' damage

Bottle is a great item in general, especially for ganking heroes like Juggernaut. This will take care of your mana needs, save you from taking fountain trips and greatly increase your ganking potential through use of runes. It isn't always necessary though. Sometimes it's fine to simply rush Phase boots. Bottle is best used when you need the extra regen to stay in your lane, or when there aren't a lot of other players getting Bottle and/or going for the runes. In that case, Bottle is incredibly useful.

Wraith Bands

With the exception of Branches, Wraiths are the most cost-efficient damage item you can get. They come in small, cheap pieces and greatly increase your damage output, as well as giving you a small but significant HP and mana boost. One of the most common mistakes I see budding Juggernaut players make is forgoing small stat items like Wraiths in favor of big damage items like Battlefury and Butterfly. This makes them much more fragile and much less dangerous early game, which damages their chances of dominating mid and late game. Wraiths are cheap, extremely efficient damage items that will help you be successful early game and transition into mid game. Always get them.

Phase Boots

There's a lot of debate about which Boots are best on Juggernaut. Many pub players swear by Treads, some older Juggernaut players still stick with their trust Boots of Travel, but most of the best Juggernaut players, as well as the competitive DOTA community, unanimously choose Phase Boots. There are two reasons that Phase Boots are the footware of choice for Juggernaut. The first is because of the huge boost to Blade Fury's effectiveness relatively early in the game. Blade Fury is essentially a 700 damage nuke, but becomes useless if you aren't able to keep up with other heroes. Without Phase Boots, chasing down any hero who has Phase is a lost cause, and you will miss a lot of kills this way vs good players. The second reason is that Phase Boots are very cheap, easy to farm and give great bonuses. Treads and Travels are still good items, but Phase Boots are almost always better.


Desolator is the best damage item for it's cost and is especially effective on Juggernaut because Omnislash deals physical damage. That means that the negative armor buff that Desolator inflicts will amplify the damage of your ultimate. A lot.

Manta Style

Manta Style is a core item on a good number of agility carries, and Juggernaut is no exception. It gives him a much-needed HP boost, unrivaled damage output, move speed and to top it all off, images. It literally gives Juggernaut everything he needs.

2. The Battlefury Juggernaut
Battlefury has been a common item on Juggernaut for quite some time, but only recently has it been buffed to the point where it actually is a strong choice. It's easy build up and respectable damage-to-cost ratio have made it a favorite among pros and amateurs alike.

IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB ImageIPB Image
IPB Image

  • Battlefury provides quick and easy farming without using Blade Fury, so you can use Blade Fury to escape ganks
  • HP and mana regen eliminate the need for Bottle, and help support Healing Ward use during mid game
  • Battlefury is very cheap and easy to farm


Just like the above build, wraiths are important to your success early game. See the previous build for a full explanation. You won't need Bottle with this build, since you'll be getting Perseverance for Battlefury.

Phase Boots

Players who go Battlefury seem disproportionately likely to get Power Treads, which admittedly aren't a bad choice, but are still outclassed by Phase Boots. See the description in the above build for a full explanation.


When Battlefury was first introduced it cost almost 1000 more, and added less regen and less damage. Not only that but the main alternative, Radiance, was quite a bit stronger. And people still bought Battlefury. Now Battlefury has finally been buffed to the point where it's a strong item on a good number of heroes, specifically non-imaging melee agility heroes. So surely enough, Juggernaut fits into that category and is currently a good candidate for Battlefury. He benefits from the HP and mana regen, the direct damage is amplified by Blade Dance (unlike MKB's mini stun or Mjollnir's lightning), and it helps him farm well enough to become a strong carry hero late game. Many players still get Battlefury too early (before Phase Boots and small stats items), and many players still have terrible reasoning for getting the item, but there's no denying that Battlefury is a very strong choice on Juggernaut at the moment.

Sange and Yasha

Much like Manta Style in the previous build, SnY gives Juggernaut everything he needs for late game. An HP boost, attack speed to balance Battlefury's direct damage and move speed. SnY tends to be better than other late game DPS items like Butterfly for several reasons. First and foremost, you need the HP. Wraiths and - in most games - Magic Stick/Wand, will get you through early and mid game, but most of the time you just can't make it through late game with less than 1.5k HP. Second, SnY comes in tiny, effective pieces rather than big expensive chunks. You can finish Yasha right after Battlefury and already have great DPS, but bigger items like Eaglehorn are more difficult to farm and don't give the same immediate benefits.

Utility Items
These are extra items that you'll want to get whenever needed with both builds.

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

TP scrolls - These should be bought throughout the game and carried almost all the time. TPs will allow you to move around the map ganking without Boots of Travel, abuse the Blade Fury TP trick (illustrated later in the guide), and help defend towers and save allies. TP scrolls are severely underrated and underused by most players, but I promise they will make a big difference in your game if you make a habit of carrying them around.

Magic Stick/Wand - Both Magic Stick and Magic Wand are very strong items that are highly underused by the typical player. Buying Magic Stick at the side shop will give you a huge advantage vs any hero that spams spells (Bat, Zues, Dirge, Tree, Doom, Bristleback, etc). Magic Wand is useful throughout the game, giving you a large amount of Mana and HP for less than the cost of a Bracer. Worth getting in almost all games.

Poor Man's Shield - Buy this from the side shop if you're getting harassed badly by physical attacks. Great vs orb walkers like Viper and Huskar, and useful vs just about any ranged harasser. Other than that, PMS basically serves the same function as a Wraith Band.

After the Core Items
After obtaining all the core items, you can go in several directions. Survivability items will keep Juggernaut from getting ripped to shreds by AoE spells and nukes, while damage items will move him along the path to becoming a carry and allow him to compete with other late-game heroes. It all depends on how the game is going.

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Heart - Heart is a ideal against caster teams. It will allow you to tank AoE and nukes well enough that you can run into the fray and dish out punishment with your physical attacks. Against other DPS carry heroes, Butterfly and Vlads are stronger choices, but if there's enough nukes, stuns and AoE that it's hard to utilize the physical damage that you already that, get Heart.

Butterfly - Butterfly is the best late-game damage item on Juggernaut. It balances the direct damage of Desolator or Battlefury with attacks speed, optimizing your DPS, and furthermore, the evasion helps tremendously when dealing with other carry heroes, especially ones with Bash.

Vladmir's Offerings - Vladmir’s is a good item but is horribly misused and misunderstood. Early in the game, Vladmir’s is all but useless for Juggernaut. You’re relying mostly on your skills, so the usefulness of life steal is extremely limited, and even when you are attacking, your damage is so low that it really won’t help much. It’s important to recognize that Vladmir’s is a survivability item – life steal is meant to keep you alive – and early on, small stat items, among other items, will keep you alive much better than Vladmir’s will. However, Vladmir’s is a good pick after you have a couple big damage items. If you have Deso and Manta, for example, you'll have enough damage that Vlad's life leech will actually help a lot. Even after you get damage though, Heart is often a better choice vs teams with a lot of disables and AoE spells.

Dagger - Although not as strong as it was several patches ago, Dagger is still a great item on many hero, and Juggernaut is no exception. Dagger allows you to easy catch lone heroes and finish them with Omnislash, and can even be used for chasing with Blade Fury and escaping (you're invulnerable for several seconds after Omnislash, so you can blink out immediately afterwards if you don't get attacked first). Dagger can be taken at virtually any point in the game.

Other Items

Power Treads (Strength) - Although Phase Boots are almost always better, Treads are currently pretty good on Juggernaut. Early on they don't do much, since the attack speed doesn't help much with a low level Omnislash and you won't be using your physical attack much. After completing your first damage item, however, (Desolator or Battlefury) the attack speed is very helpful, as is the 190 HP. The problem with Treads is that you won't be nearly as dangerous early game as you would with Phase Boots. You won't be able to help out your team as much early on or get enough kills to propel you into a dominant mid and late game. Still, Treads aren't bad, and if you really want to use them, go ahead. There are far more important aspects of playing Juggernaut than picking the right footwear.

Boots of Travel - Although previously a core item on Juggernaut, Travels are now overshadowed by Phase Boots, the main reason being the time it takes to get each item. Phase Boots are very cheap and come in small pieces, so it's possible to get them very early in the game when Blade Fury is still very strong. Travels take longer to farm, and since so many players get Phase Boots on other heroes, you won't be fast enough to follow them early on, when Blade Fury is strongest. Still, if you have a really strong start (like getting first blood and/or farm very well) and can get Travels very early, they're still a good choice on Juggernaut.

Black King Bar - While BKB is a very good item on most DPS carry heroes, it doesn't tend to work quite as well on Juggernaut. Since Jugg lacks a slow, stun, or get-into-battle-quickly skill, 5-10 seconds is hardly enough time to do much damage. BKB isn't bad on Jugg, but in most cases, you’ll be much better off with Heart or Linken’s.

Scepter - Great in theory, but after all, you are a carry and you can't just rely on your ultimate to get kills. In most cases, you're much better off with damage items to boost the strength of your ultimate. If you feel like you need the HP, Manta, SnY and Heart are generally better choices

Radiance - With the slight buff to its damage and nerf to it's cost, Radiance is once again a viable choice on Juggernaut, although generally overshadowed by Battlefury and Desolator. If you do get Radiance, it's best vs caster teams with mass disables. Radiance/Heart won't do much against Naix, Void or PA, but it's great vs heroes like Rhasta, Bane and Lion.

Diffusal Blade - Awesome for ganking, especially since it can be used during Blade Fury, and great for countering Warlock on Omniknight. It really doesn’t add much damage for it's cost though, and it’s difficult to carry if you dish out 3300 gold for Diffusal. Still, it can be choice if you have an ally who can carry hard and you can play a more support and ganking-oriented role.

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This section will cover early, mid and late game strategy, as well as specifics on getting the most out of your skills.

Early Game

1. Laning with an ally

When to lane – Juggernaut should be in a double lane whenever you have a good stunner or slower to lane with and/or there's a better candidate to solo.

Starting Items: Braches, Tangos and Quelling Blade

Heroes worth laning with
  • Lich
  • Viper
  • CM
  • Enigma
  • Rhasta
  • VS
  • Dazzle
  • THD
  • Lion
  • Drow
  • Furion
  • Qop
  • Venomancer
  • Chen
  • Bat
Try to lane with one of these heroes if at all possible. If you can't, try to lane with a ranged hero or at least a melee hero with a good disable.

Lane Choice

Pick a partner from the list above and head to the top or bottom lane. It doesn’t really matter which one, regardless of whether you’re on the sentinel or scourge side. You want to avoid middle lane when double laning because the towers are close together, making it hard to follow a hero for 5 seconds with Blade Fury. The middle lane is usually the designated solo lane in mid and high level games anyway.

When to try for a kill

Depending on your lane partner and your opponents, you should begin trying for a kill between levels 1 and 3. Communicate with your partner and tell him when you plan to go for a kill. If he’s good, he will notice you moving forward and use his spells, but many players need to be told exactly when to go. Try to be patient.

If your ally has a single nuke that works well as a slow or stun at level one, try for a kill as soon as creeps meet. Furion and VS are two heroes that fit into this category.

However, most of the best lane partner’s for Juggernaut have two nukes, stuns or slows. When laning with heroes like CM, Venomancer or Lion, it’s best to wait until level two so they can use both of their skills. Lich falls into this category because he should have gotten Dark Ritual at level one.

A few other heroes have slowing skills that are pretty weak at level one, so you’ll want to wait until level three. Viper, Dazzle and Chen are a few examples.

The killing process

Your role in a double lane is simple: follow the hero with Blade Fury until he dies. The hard part is coordinating with your ally. The combo should start by you running towards your enemy, and your ally should use his slow or disable right before you reach the hero. If your ally has a second disable, he should use it right after the first one finishes.

See the 3rd and 5th replays for examples of this.


Assuming you did well in your lane, it’s usually a good idea to periodically gank other lanes once you hit level 6. This works especially well if your original lane partner can handle the lane without you (Lich, Viper, etc).

Let your allies know that your ganking their lane by saying so and pinging on the map. If your allies don’t know you’re coming, your gank is likely to fail. Just like laning, try to get your allies to use their disables right before you reach the hero so you can easily follow with Blade Fury. Now that you have Omnislash, getting a kill should be pretty easy.


Assuming your original ally can handle the lane, you should mostly be roaming at this point. Farm neutrals with Blade Fury and temporarily take over empty lanes, then try to gank whenever Omnislash is cooled down. You don’t need Omnislash to gank, but it helps a lot, so focus on farming while Omnislash is on cooldown unless you see a good opportunity to get a kill.  

2. Solo Mid

When to solo – Juggernaut should solo whenever there isn't a good hero for you to lane with and there isn't a better solo candidate. There are quite a few heroes that take priority over Juggernaut for soloing mid, but if you're confident that you're a lot better than your teammates, try to get solo anyway.

Starting Items: Bottle

Why Mid?

Mid is the lane of choice because Juggernaut's power in a solo lane stems from abusing Bottle and runes.

Surprisingly enough, a well-played Juggernaut can solo vs just about anyone. Exceptions include strong orb walkers like Viper and Huskar, and most double lanes (especially double stun or double nuke lanes).

The laning process

For the first two levels, last hit and deny as you normally would with any hero. Most spells are pretty weak at level 1, so you should be able to last hit vs most heroes without much trouble.

When you hit level 3, run up and Blade Fury all of the creeps. Your opponent will usually back up, thinking you're trying to kill him, then attack you once or twice once he realizes you're not. Most of the time you'll get 3-4 of the creeps in the wave. Continue doing this whenever Blade Fury is cooled down and you should be able to farm pretty well.

To support regular use of Blade Fury and harassment from your opponent, you'll need to get a good number of runes to refill your bottle. Fortunately, this is pretty easy as Juggernaut. Simply Blade Fury the opponent's creeps 10-15 seconds before the rune spawns (every 2 minutes) and then check for the rune. This will cause your own creeps to push into your opponents tower, so he will miss a whole wave of creeps if he checks for the rune. Most players will stay to get the creeps and you'll have free reign over the runes (for the most part).

Having someone put a ward up at the start will help a ton as well. Always do this in clan wars and other high level games.

Knowing your opponent

The first thing you need to do in a solo lane is quickly figure out how good your opponent is. Check his items. Inexperienced players will usually have Boots of Speed, a Ring of Basillius, a Bracer, a Wraith Band, or other bad starting items. Better players will usually have Flasks, Tangos or a Ring of Regeneration and cheap stat items.

How good is he at last hitting? How well does he harass you? Does he have a good idea of how to use his hero?

It shouldn't take long before you have a pretty good idea of how good your opponent is.

Killing – levels 1-5

Because of the proximity of the two mid towers, it won't be easy to get a kill before level 6. Against melee heroes, you can often wear them down a little with Blade Fury when you're farming the waves, then kill them if they get below 400 or so. Most of the time though - especially against ranged heroes - you'll have to wait for an ally to gank, or wait until level 6.

Killing – level 6+

Once you have Omnislash, most heroes will be relatively easy to kill. It's mostly about mind games: get them away from creeps somehow so you can Omnislash them. Most good players will try to avoid this either by running circles around creeps or running away and then turning back. As long as you're not too jumpy with Omnislash, you should be able to get kills anyway though. If they stay near creeps, just follow them with Blade Fury and then hit them a few times until they either move away from the creeps or get low enough that you can finish them with the first hit of Omnislash.

On the other hand, it's often easier to simply gank other lanes. Since the mid hero is used to you going missing for runes every few minutes, you can usually pull off a gank without being called. Even if you do get called, it's often possible to pull off a gank anyway since the other heroes should be around 2 levels below you.  

Mid Game

Regardless of whether you solo’d, jungled or laned early on, mid game is pretty much the same for Juggernaut. The only real difference is that you’ll be a few levels higher if you had a solo lane. Mid game starts around level 10 or 11, at which point lanes should break up and there should be more ganking and possibly pushing.


If neither team starts to push early, mid game will be all about ganking and farming. Assuming you're farming and leveling well, you should be able to kill most heroes by yourself, but try to gank with your allies whenever possible. Whenever Omnislash is cooled down, go looking for heroes. You can run off into your opponent's woods and look for stray heroes to Omnislash, or find someone who's pushing too far in the lane and go gank them. If you run into a bad situation, like 2 or 3 heroes together, use Blade Fury and TP out (see the "Tricks" section of the guide to Blade Fury).

If you don't have Omnislash up, only gank with your allies. You'll generally want to gank with heroes that have slows or stuns (like the heroes you should lane with, listed above), but you can get kills with any hero if you're good at following with Blade Fury. Here's an example of a good gank, for all you visual people:

IPB Image
1. In the screenshot above, I use my invisibility rune to get into a good position, then call my allies for help.

IPB Image
2. I use Blade Fury as soon as my allies arive.

IPB Image
3. Things end badly for Rhasta


If Omnislash is on cooldown, you should usually be farming. Use your Boots of Travel to quickly teleport between lanes and farm the creeps as long as it’s safe to do so. It’s tempting to use Blade Fury to farm, but try to resist unless there’s a big group of creeps nearing your tower. Once the creeps start to push back the other way, it’s better to last hit the creeps instead of using Blade Fury. Last hitting the creeps will keep the lane from pushing out too quickly, but more importantly, you’ll have Blade Fury cooled down in the event that you get ganked.

A smart Juggernaut with Boots of Travel is very hard to gank because of the Blade Fury TP tactic (See the Mini Guide to Blade Fury). If you use Blade Fury to farm too often though, it won’t be cooled down when you get ganked and you will probably die. Many deaths can be avoided by saving Blade Fury for escaping. Don’t get lazy.

Remember to farm neutral camps too. You’ll pretty much need to use Blade Fury to creep neutral camps, but you’re less likely to be ganked when creeping neutrals, so you should be alright. Think of the neutral camps as a fourth lane – don’t let it go to waste.


In organized games, pushing can start as early as level 10 or 11, but it generally won’t happen until much later in pubs and TDAs. If pushes are starting earlier, make sure to get Healing Ward before Blade Dance so you can support your team.

The only really difficult thing about playing Juggernaut in team fights is dropping your Healing Ward in the right place at the right time. If you drop it too soon, it will go to waste and you won’t have it for the battle. If you drop it too late, the battle will already be decided. If you drop it in the wrong spot, it will get killed immediately.

You want to drop your ward the second that the battle gets initiated by a big AoE spell like Epicenter, Sonic Wave or Reign of Chaos. Try to drop it far enough back that it’s out of your opponents’ attack range, but barely in range of you and your allies. Ideally, you want to drop it behind a tower or another obstruction so it’s hard to see or target, but that won’t always be possible. If you drop it at the right time, all the spells flying around should make it hard enough to see or target that it should last 10 or 15 seconds. See the Mini Guide to Healing Ward for more info on using it.

After dropping your ward, turn Blade Fury on and walk into a group of enemy heroes. If it looks like your team is losing bad, back up after 3-4 seconds of Blade Fury and get back to the tower. If not, stay in there.

As soon as an enemy hero gets low and start to run from the battle, finish them with Omnislash. Make sure they’re at least 600 range from allied heroes or creeps.

Late Game


With creeps spawning double at 45 minutes, huge groups of creeps will build up very quickly. Jump between lanes with Boots of Travel and use Blade Fury on the big groups. Don’t worry about last hitting anymore. Late game farming is about going though a lot of creeps quickly, not taking your time to get every single one.

Farm neutrals whenever the creeps get pushed too far from your base to farm without being ganked. You should be able to go through neutrals just as fast with your normal attack as you could with your spells, so just save Blade Fury in case you get ganked.


Similar to mid game, the most important part of pushing is to drop Healing Ward in the right place at the right time. In late game pushes, however, Blade Fury becomes all but useless for dealing damage and is mostly useful as an escape mechanism if you get focused.

Now that you have to rely on your physical attack more, it's important that you do whatever you can to avoid being chain-disabled. Wait for one of your teammates to initiate the battle and soak up a few of the stuns before you go in. When you do get disabled, just make sure your Healing Ward is close enough that you'll be healed. It's very hard to die when you're in range of your ward, especially if you have Heart, or at least Butterfly or Cuirass.

Focus on low-HP casters or carry heroes that aren't stacked yet. Try to leave tanks for last. Make sure to use Omnislash on any fleeing heroes that you can kill. If you have to, you can use Omnislash when you're getting focused to avoid dying, but Blade Fury is usually enough to allow you to escape. If you do get focused, get out however you can, then use up your Bottle and go back in if you can. Bottle really is useful throughout the game, so don't sell it until you absolutely have to.

Skill Guides

IPB Image
Guide to Blade Fury

  • Blade Fury makes Juggernaut immune to most spells
  • Blade Fury does damage in an area of approximately 250 AoE around Juggernaut
  • Blade Fury deals magically damage, meaning it is reduced by spell resistance (25%)
  • Damage is dealt several times per second, even though the description says otherwise
  • Many items, including Bottle and Boots of Travel, can be used during Blade Fury
  • Juggernaut can attack mechanical units and buildings during Blade Fury
  • Orb effects such as corruption and maim can be used on enemies during Blade Fury, as if you were attacking them
Notable spells that go through Blade Fury

1. Purge (Only Medusa’s, not Diffusal)*
2. Ensnare**
3. Entangle***
4. Overgrowth***
5. Fiend’s Grip**
6. Swap**
7. Omnislash**+
8. Landmines (Not Remote Mines)+
9. Wild Axes+
10. Toss**+
11. Counter Helix+
12.       Overload*
13. Chronosphere**
14. Culling Blade**+
15. Earthbind**
16. Charge of Darkness**
17. Nether Strike**
18. Viper Strike*
19. Primal Roar**
20. Reverse Polarity**
21. Dismember**
22. Rot*
23.       Pit of Malice***
24.       Global Silence***
25.       Meat Hook**
26.       Plague*
27.       Bash (Not from ranged heroes)**
28.       Smoke Screen*
29.       Doom***
30.Passive skills such as Degen Aura, Maim, and Poison Sting*

**Stuns or stops Juggernaut from teleporting
***Cancels Blade Fury altogether
+Deals damage

A completely list of these spells can be found here.


Blade Fury Teleport

IPB Image

The Blade Fury TP is the easiest and most useful of the tricks. Simply press the F key, then quickly click your Boots of Travel and teleport out. This will render your immune to spells while you teleport, making it very hard for enemy heroes to kill you. You can survive almost any gank by using this tactic, provided your opponents don’t have any stuns that go through your spell immunity (See Mechanics section above).

Stopping Duration Spells

Another great trick with Blade Fury is using it to counter spells that do damage over time. If you get Ruptured by Bloodseeker, for example, you can turn on Blade Fury and run for 5 seconds without taking damage. The same applies to Venomancer’s Poison Nova, Netherdrake’s Viper Strike, Shadowstrike and any other skills that deal damage over time.

Blade Fury and Bottle

As you may have guessed, Bottle works during Blade Fury just like Boots of Travel do. In most cases, this is only mildly useful since a normal attack can still cancel Bottle’s healing during Blade Fury, but it does give you 5 seconds to heal without being nuked.

Where this tactic is EXTREMELY useful is vs spells that do damage over time. Say, for example, you have only 200 HP and you just got hit by Venomancer’s Shadowstrike and Poison Nova a few seconds ago. If you use Blade Fury, it will block the damage completely for 5 seconds, allowing you to use almost 2 charges of your Bottle without the heal being interrupted by the poison.

Dodging Nukes

IPB Image

Many spells can be dodged with Blade Fury. This is one tactic that you absolutely need to use hotkeys for, since there’s no way you can move your cursor over to the Blade Fury icon and click it before a spell hits you. To dodge a spell, simply wait until a hero starts the animation and press F (Blade Fury). If you time it right, the spell should hit you, but not do anything. Nearly any spell can be dodged, but some are virtually impossible to dodge on purpose. Here are some spells that can be intentionally dodged relatively easily:

Some easy spells to dodge
  • Storm Bolt
  • Assassinate
  • Death Pulse
  • Magic Missle
  • Chain Frost
Cancelling Disables

While there are quite a few disables that go through Blade Fury (See Mechanics), some of them can be canceled. If you start Blade Fury right after the disable hits you, the effect of some spells can be cancelled completely.

Some disables that can be cancelled this way
  • Purge
  • Entangle
  • Overgrowth
  • Frostbite
  • Enchant
Some disables that can’t be cancelled
  • Frost Nova
  • Ensnare
  • Shadow Strike
  • Ignite
  • Viscous Nasal Goo
Orb effects

As you might have seen if you read the though the mechanics, you can still afflict an enemy hero with an orb effect like Desolator's corruption, SnY's maim or even Maelstrom's lightning during Blade Fury. Simply click on the hero when you're close enough that you would be able to attack them and it functions like a normal attack would, but doesn't deal damage.

This is actually somewhat difficult to do since you have to click next to a hero, rather than directly on him to stay next to him with Blade Fury, but if you click fast, you can quickly click on a hero, then continue chasing as you would normally. The main purpose of doing this is to afflict a hero with -6 armor from Desolator before you use Omnislash, but it's not all that important. You can always just attack the hero once after Blade Fury is over, or just use Omnislash and corruption with trigger during the first extra slash.


Blade Fury ranks up there with Pudge's Hook and Potm's Arrow as one of the most difficult skills in DOTA to master. The basic concept is simple: click infront of the hero your chasing and follow him for 5 seconds, but chasing perfectly is extremely difficult vs good players.

The Basics

Basic use of Blade Fury is simple, but it will take you a few games to get used to if you don't play Juggernaut much. Run up to a hero, use the hotkey "F" to activate Blade Fury, then click in front of the hero your chasing as frequently as possible. If the hero changes direction, try to react as quickly as possible and continue clicking directly ahead of the hero.


If you're playing against good players who know exactly what you're capable of, chasing with Blade Fury can be very difficult. If your opponent turns in the right way at the right time, it's extremely hard to follow them with Blade Fury, especially if they're using a fast hero like Chaos Knight, Terror Blade or Luna. Sometimes the only thing you can do is anticipate their movement as well as possible.

Even very good players are somewhat predictable. If they turn in a certain way the first time you use Blade Fury, they're likely to do the same thing next time. If there's an easy escape route that could be used to juke you, they will probably take it. When facing skilled players, try to think as if you were the hero being chased. Where would you turn? When would you try to juke?

Obviously mastering this is nearly impossible, but it will become easier and easier the more you play. As always, practice makes perfect.

IPB Image
Guide to Healing Ward

  • Healing Ward heals for 1/2/3/4% of each hero's maximum HP, it is not reduced by Hood
  • The ward can be moved by selecting it as you would select a hero and right clicking
  • Unlike Pugna's ward, Healing Ward will die in one hit from just about anything
  • Healing Ward's AoE is approximately 600
  • The ward will continue to heal nearly allied units for a second or two after it dies
  • Healing Ward extremely low on the AI's priority list for units to attack, so enemy creeps and towers won't focus it unless there's nothing else to attack
When to use

Healing Ward is helpful in nearly all situations, but because of it's 75 second cooldown, you'll generally want to save it for team battles and pushes. If it can be used to save an ally, get a kill or save yourself, don't hesitate to use it. Here are some good times to use Healing Ward:
  • Right after the opposing team uses their initiation spells in a team battle (Epicenter, Sonic Wave, Reign of Chaos, etc)
  • For killing Roshan, either by yourself or with allies
  • Right after a team battle, to fully heal your team
  • Right before you use Blade Fury and TP out
  • To save an ally who is running back towards your base
  • For neutral creeping, if you're sure you won't need it for a push for at least a minute
  • To win a 1v1 that you couldn't win otherwise

The most important thing is that you place the Ward far enough back that you and your allies are barely in the range, so it's difficult for your opponents to reach. Although this isn't always possible, try to place Healing Ward so that it's hard to see. Ideally, you want to put it behind an allied tower or in/near a group of trees, but this won't always be possible. Here are some good places to drop your ward:
  • Behind a tower
  • In a group of trees
  • On top of a hill
  • Around a corner
  • In a large group of creeps
  • In a spell with a big animation like Black Hole
IPB Image
Guide to Omnislash

  • Omnislash has a casting range of 450 and can jump to other targes that are 575 range away or less
  • All subsequent hits after the first select a target at random
  • The first hit always triggers a ministun, which interrupts channeling spells
  • Extra slashes can occur between the set 3/5/8 slashes, based on your attack speed
  • Omnislash deals physical damage
  • The 3/5/8 set slashes cannot be evaded by things like Butterfly, Blur and Drunken Brawler, but can be stopped by skills like Dispersion and Gravekeeper's Cloak
You can find everything you need to know about Omnislash here. The skill was changed in version 6.46, but the concept and most of the basics remain the same.

The recent change - This is a graph of how Omnislash works in it's current state. The guide above should be updated with more information in the near future.
[img] http://dota-allstars.com/w/images/JuggOmnislashExtra.gif[/img]

Based on the graph, Omnislash is now stronger than ever and the damage dealt to a single target is far less random. Another great change is that Juggernaut is now coded to attack the unit between each slash. He still won't perform an additional slash in between if his attack speed isn't high enough, but now proc items like Maelstrom, Mjollnir and SnY have a chance to trigger during the extra slashes.


Despite being an extremely complex skill, the concept behind Omnislash is relatively simple: try to make all the slashes hit a single target, or sometimes two. If you use Omnislash when creeps are nearby, chances are that most of the slashes will hit the creeps and your ultimate will be wasted. Not only that, but there is a far greater chance that extra slashes will occur when you only target one hero. This is because there is a smaller window for Juggernaut to perform an extra attack when Omnislash has to jump between several different units.

Long story short, use Omnislash when your target is at least 575 from any other unit.

Timing the waves

Mastering the timing of the creeps waves is the single most important aspect of using Omnislash. Creeps spawn every 30 seconds, then take 30 seconds to reach the mid point on the outside lanes and around 20 second in the middle lane. Here are some tips for mastering the waves:

Look at the clock - By quickly glancing at the clock, you can get a pretty good idea of when the next wave will come. At each minute, and 30 seconds after each minute, the creeps will be reaching the spot where they originally clashed (20 seconds in the middle lane). Five seconds before that, they should be reaching the last tower, and so on. The exact timing takes a lot of getting used to though.

Look at your own wave on the minimap - Your own wave will be at exactly the same spot as the opposing wave will be on the the opposite side of the map. For example, if you look and see that your allied creeps are half way to your tower in the middle lane, the opposing creeps will be half way to the enemy tower. This method is very helpful, but can be confusing for the top and bottom lanes because the creeps meet closer to one tower than the other.

Wait for a new wave - This is the easiest method to use if you're somewhat new to using Juggernaut. Whenever a new wave of enemy creeps shows up, you'll always have 30 seconds before the next wave comes, meaning you have 30 seconds to kill your opponent. If you go for a kill within 10 or 15 seconds after a new waves come, you should always be able to get Blade Fury and Omnislash off before a new wave comes.


Best Allies
IPB ImageIPB Image
Lane Partners
Ranged heroes with especially good disables combo well with Juggernaut in a lane. Their slows and stuns make it easy to follow a hero with Blade Fury for a full 5 seconds. Tons of heroes can lane well with Juggernaut, but the best lane partners are heroes with great lane control (Lich, Viper) and heroes with outstanding disables (CM, Enigma).

IPB ImageIPB Image
Creep Clearing Heroes
These heroes can clear creep waves of any size in mere seconds so that Omnislash will only hit enemy heroes. Keep in mind that you should still try to hit a single hero with your ultimate; it won’t do too much vs four or five heroes.

IPB ImageIPB Image
Armor Reducers
Sladar is, without a doubt, the best of these heroes since he can single-handedly skyrocket Omnislash’s damage, but anything that reduces armor helps you. Just something as simple as Gush can add hundreds of damage to your Omnislash if timed correctly. Heroes that are likely to get Cuirass or Desolator are good allies too.  

Worst Enemies
IPB ImageIPB Image
These heroes can easily avoid both Blade Fury and Omnislash. Heroes like Morphling and Faceless Void also fall into this category. Generally you’ll need help from your allies to kill these heroes, but if you can trick them into wasting their blink spell, they’ll die to Omnislash as easily as anyone else.

IPB ImageIPB Image
These heroes can completely avoid Omnislash and usually can’t be killed with Blade Fury either. Weaver and NA earn a specially mention because they are nearly impossible for Juggernaut to kill in a lane. Buying wards is the easiest way to kill these heroes, but it’s quite possible to kill them without wards if you try for a kill when their windwalk spell is on cooldown.

IPB ImageIPB Image
Illusion Heroes and Summoning heroes
Illusions and summons completely ruin Omnislash. These heroes can still be killed though, as long as you time your ultimate well. They’re usually not as bad as windwalkers or blinkers.

IPB ImageIPB Image
Disables that go through Blade Fury
There are actually quite a few of these. Getting a blink dagger is really the only solution to things like Skadi, Maim, Poison Sting, etc. See the guide to Blade Fury for a complete list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Juggernaut viable in competitive play?

For the first time in a couple years, Juggernaut is used in very high level games. He's certainly not a top pick, and is only picked every in 1 out of 10 or 15 games, but assuming someone on the team can play him well, he's definitely viable in competitive play.

This is my build, why don't you try it and see how you like it?

Honestly, most of the time I'll see something in the build that just proves to me that the player doesn't really know what he's going, and it discourages me from taking his post seriously. For example, if you have Buriza in your build, I assume you don't know that critical strike doesn't stack well with Blade Dance, which is enough for me to assume you don't really know that much about item builds in general.

That being said, this is still a guide, not a set of rules. You can play Juggernaut however you want. The purpose of this guide is to help you improve, but you can take it or leave it.


Replay #1:

Player: me
Score: 27-0
Type: Low-level Inhouse
Build: Deso -> Manta


Replay #2:

Player: pleshka
Score: 20-4
Type: High-level Inhouse
Build: Battlefury -> SnY



Well, that's it. Thanks for reading. Special thanks:

Clan Bus - For getting me into the competitive DOTA scene and letting me use Juggernaut in scrims
Sawubona - For all the screenshots.
Ironfirsto - For all the info on neutral creeps, pulling, etc.
DonTomaso - For the Omnislash info and the graphs
The DA mods - For keeping this forum alive

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 01:59 PM

Old replays

Attached Files

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 02:16 PM

Awesome guide. Good job. However, I was wondering, I think the main reason people get BF on him is to splash the damage from the ultimate and kill more than one hero close together. Does that actually work?

#5 Chameleon12



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Posted 07 October 2007 - 02:23 PM

It only works on extra attacks, which you'll only get a few of before late game. The chances of several heroes being close enough to get hit by the splash during Omni is is extremely low anyway, and using Omnislash on more than 2 heroes is retarded anyway.

#6 Tucker


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Posted 07 October 2007 - 03:24 PM

Pretty ironic how you recommend Cuirass over butterfly after arguing black and blue for days on end about butterfly in my guide.

Nice one.

Edited by Tucker, 07 October 2007 - 03:25 PM.

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 03:30 PM

lol, I just said you should address it. Every Juggernaut topic is full of people who swear by butterfly, a lot of them even get it as a first item. When I commented, you didn't even have a mention of Butterfly in your guide.

At least we agree that cuirass is good? =P

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 03:46 PM

Wow so many Juggernaut guides, I might aswell chuck my draft in the bin.

Great guide, the standard everyone expects from you.
Good strategies, well presented and lots of info.

BTW, if you Bfury (and move) while your Ruptured, will you take damage?

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 03:49 PM

QUOTE(Sawubona @ Oct 7 2007, 06:46 PM) View Post

BTW, if you Bfury (and move) while your Ruptured, will you take damage?

Nope, no damage. You can even heal with Bottle while moving and ruptured =)

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 05:37 PM

a comprehensive Jugg guide which addresses SnY from an unbiased point of view! Great Job.
As soon as my uni entry exams are over i'll write a guide to MoM Jugg (no one take my idea!)

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 06:29 PM

Rofl, thanks. MoM Jugg ftw.

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 07:26 PM

Added to the list of complete guides.

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 07:30 PM

way too many Juggernaut Guides. Indeed he is a very popular, versatile and challenging hero but the only ones ever found interesting and new were Fat's premium one (of course) and Mr Kitten's fun way to play Juggernaut. All the rest are just plain and same. Why not just type in what skill and item build you get instead of repeatingly going through all the strategic stuff (set out in a different manner but the same anyway) tons other people have already talked about?

Despite what I said though it is a good guide since 99% of population use him along such lines and not much can go wrong with such builds on Juggernaut.

And of course nice replays.

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 07:42 PM

Nice guide. Pretty in-depth.

The SnY build mainly focuses on Bladefury. It gives you the additional speed to catch up with your opponents. But the problem is you have to get BoT first, delaying it, making it not so useful in the end. The Stygian/AC build on the other hand, relies on a stunner/disabler to help you net kills early game and then boosts your damage output in the physical damage department (normal attacks and omnislash).

As to why Battlefury is popular on him, I do not know. I have been flamed a hundred times at least for not making this on juggernaut especially on the Asian servers.

BTW, Does going into the fog of war just before omnislash hits you, prevent omnislash or will it still hit you?

#15 Chameleon12



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Posted 07 October 2007 - 08:58 PM

QUOTE(GarySan @ Oct 7 2007, 10:30 PM) View Post

way too many Juggernaut Guides. Indeed he is a very popular, versatile and challenging hero but the only ones ever found interesting and new were Fat's premium one (of course) and Mr Kitten's fun way to play Juggernaut. All the rest are just plain and same. Why not just type in what skill and item build you get instead of repeatingly going through all the strategic stuff (set out in a different manner but the same anyway) tons other people have already talked about?

Despite what I said though it is a good guide since 99% of population use him along such lines and not much can go wrong with such builds on Juggernaut.

And of course nice replays.

I don't know about you, but most people I see playing still get bfury or something, and everyone on the forums seems to be convinced that bfly > everything. Fat's guide doesn't even mention desolator, has no mention of jungling, and has only pubs replays. Don't get me wrong, it's a great guide, but it's not like in encompases everything.

While there's a shitload of Jug guides, none of them really explain why certain items are good or bad, cover both jungling and laning, or how skills work, etc. The point of this was to try to put it all into one.

Thanks for the T-up though =)

QUOTE(karna89 @ Oct 7 2007, 10:42 PM) View Post

BTW, Does going into the fog of war just before omnislash hits you, prevent omnislash or will it still hit you?

No, but it can get get stopped partway through if you go into fog at just the right moment.

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Posted 07 October 2007 - 11:26 PM

Skimmed over it, looks really nice. Always nice to see good guides coming on to the site


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Posted 08 October 2007 - 12:40 AM

Thanks =)

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Posted 08 October 2007 - 04:53 PM

Very concise and comprehensive, but sooooo long  dry.gif and a little bit wall-of-texty.

Great job though, the information is spot on.

Funny story: Me (Pudge) and Jugg are chasing Slayer. I Dismember/Rot, but Slayer gets a LSA off and Blinks away. Jugg Omnislashes at the same time I throw a Hook on Slayer. My Hook was dead on, but I snag Jugg, who is in Omnislash, instead of Slayer. He was pretty mad at me  smile.gif

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Posted 08 October 2007 - 05:45 PM


lol its happened to me before as well

Is it possible for there to be two premium guides on one hero?

I call premium

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Posted 08 October 2007 - 06:49 PM

How can something be concise and sooo long?

Anyways, the information that is provided in the guide is well worth the read and length. This guide surpasses the premium guide IMAO.

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