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[GAME MODE] Demolition Mode (-de)

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Posted 18 March 2007 - 12:18 PM

-Demolition Mode

This mode won the first Game Mode Contest! To see the outstanding runner-up,  click here.

In short, both teams will have to defend and assault three objectives. If your team can manage
to detonate a bomb at two of these three objectives, you will win the round. Heroes will remain
dead until the next round starts. 12 five minute rounds make for a 60min game. Please enjoy!

The following is a collection of programming-specific details. Anything important to the player will be
in red text. Please don't mistake the length of this post as unnecessary or superfluent complexity.

The main changes are these:
-Creeps + buildings replaced with bomb sites
-Games are composed of five minute rounds
-Gold and experience systems are reworked
-Teams compete to bomb/defend objectives

Global Settings Explanation:
All Towers and Buildings (except shops) are removed, including the throne/tree.
Six special buildings with corresponding beacons have been added. (More later.)
These buildings will not grant their team vision, but all heroes on the team will.
Creeps will never spawn in this game mode; this includes neutral creeps camps.
Heroes will not respawn based on a death counter. More on this in later sections.
A single item has been added for this mode, the Bomb. Much more on this later.
Aegis of the Immortal and Shadow Priest are disabled (like aegis in deathmatch).
The gold ticker is disabled in this mode. Gold must be accumulated in other ways.

IPB Image

Game Rounds Explanation:
Games in this mode will be 62 minutes long. The last 60 minutes will be broken into 5 minute rounds.
Players have 2 minutes after the mode is enabled to pick heroes and buy items. They cannot move.
After this 2 minute period has elapsed, a message will alert the players that the first round has begun.
Every player will spawn in their fountain at the beginning of each round. Two Bombs will be there also.
Both teams now have 5 minutes to bomb two of the opposing team's three objectives or kill their heroes.
Rounds end in one of three ways: 1) One team dies, 2) One team bombs two sites, or 3) Time runs out
At the end of each round, all items on the ground are removed and all heroes are moved to their fountain.
All players who died in the previous round are now resurrected in their fountain with the same level/items.
Fog of war is also restored at the beginning of each round, to prevent abuse by Furion's global teleport.

IPB Image

Bomb Item Explanation:
Two of these will spawn on the ground near each fountain at the beginning of every round.
This item is indestructible and drops from a heroes inventory upon death (a tablet model).
IMPORTANT: This item can only be picked up and carried by the team for which it spawned.
This item has an active ability. This will only be usable while on an enemy objective beacon.
This ability will be a 5 second channeling spell which, upon completion, will destroy the item.
The model for a planted bomb will be an Explosive Barrel with a constant Fire Gust doodad in it.

IPB Image

Bombing Objective Explanation:
Both the Sentinel and Scourge have three objectives (bomb sites) to defend and assault.
Their locations will be at the ancient neutral creep spots, each side's woods, and main base.
The Sentinel's objectives' models will be: Horn of Cenarius, Gemstone Obelisk, Barrow Den
The Scourge's objectives' models will be: Shrine, Book of Summoning Pedestal, Demon Gate
These buildings will be invulnerable, but each will have a beacon near them to plant bombs on.
After you plant a bomb (5 sec), the enemy team will be alerted that a bomb has been planted.
They will not be alerted where, but will have 30 seconds to get to the proper site and defuse.
Defusing a bomb is achieved by standing on the beacon for another 5 seconds of channeling.
Bomb Timers will extend the Round Timer as long as the bomb was planted before it runs out.

IPB Image

Hero Experience Explanation:
To Entire Team
Each Round: 1x Level
To Single Hero
Hero Kill: 0.5x Level
Kill Assist: 0.25x Level
Bomb Plant: 0.25x Level
Bomb Defuse: 0.25x Level
The free experience each round will keep this mode fresh and exciting, and makes comebacks possible.
The very minimum level of a hero by the last round would be 12, almost half the max. level in the game.
The experience you get is not reliant at all on what level your enemy is. All actions and kills are equal.
A kill assist is defined as being within a medium AoE of an allied hero kill. You won't get this and the kill.

IPB Image

Gold Acquisition Explanation:
To Entire Team
Starting Gold: 350
Each Round: 200
Winning Round: 50
Each Objective: 50
Gold Ticker: 0/sec
To Single Hero
Each Hero Kill: 50
Bomb Planting: 25
Bomb Defusal: 25
Death Penalty: 0
This way, you are guaranteed a bracer/null by round 2 and can get wards on generally every round.
Without a death penalty, losing teams will be more more able to come back (unlike in normal DotA).
The inability to get "free gold" every second takes much of the focus of this game off getting items.
The relative poverty of the first round creates an exciting "pistol round" reliant on skill alone. biggrin.gif

IPB Image

Point System Explanation:
Each Hero Kill: 1 Point
Each Objective: 5 Points
Therefore, the maximum number of points possible per round is 15 (2 objectives + 5 heroes).
It is also possible (and likely) that a single round will award some points to both of the teams.
This corresponds to an overall team score which will be separate and in addition to player K:D.
At the end of the game (62 minutes), the team with the most overall team score will win it all.


Jesus, that was long. Thanks for reading this all if you did! This mode has so much potential.

In case you are worried that it's too complicated, go play CS and look at how smart pubs are.
If those people can figure it out, I think fans of DotA (with such a high learning curve already)
will be able to handle this just as easily. All it would really take is a quick explanation of the
rounds system and a note saying to bomb two objectives to win. The rest is history...

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